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  1. Nope. Just coming to see friends. If I still have any!
  2. Blueskyserenity ccowden Rastaricanair CrazyRick dzmemories FlyDoc fmmobley Hushpuppy Lauraliscious nannerbanner namgrunt ncfitzge Popsjumper TMaricle55 TMPattersonJr (maybe) Skymama stitch Psychobob and Psychopatty icevideot smud79 woodpecker wildcard451 + dick in a box
  3. The different perspective I am talking about is one from now being a father as opposed to before I had my son. My perspective on ALOT of things has changed. THAT is what I find interesting.
  4. I agree with almost all of your post. And once I became a father, I came to the conclusion that skydiving was not a risk I was willing to take anymore, both for myself and for my wife and son, so I walked away from jumping. I can't say it was any ONE factor, but all of what you listed are reasons I considered and ultimately made my decision. I decided that being home with my wife and son was way more important than going skydiving and besides the risk of being killed, I also didn't want to give up the time with them. And this summer has been the most rewarding, fun summer I have ever had. Giving up jumping has had zero negative effect.
  5. That is why I am curious why skydiving is a risk some women are willing to take with their child, yet I doubt many 4 month pregnant women would strap on a pair of downhill skis and hit the slopes. Is it the false security that nothing can go wrong?
  6. Then you would be going the wrong direction by going with a Katana. Especially if you are not swooping and just want nice openings and soft landings and no added excitment. I think, having jumped all the PD canopies, that to get what you are looking for, you would want a slightly higher wingloading on the Spectre if you want similar flight characteristics as a less loaded Stiletto with better, more consistant openings.
  7. Well then, I guess there is no point in discussing it any more.
  8. Ok, ok. I hear the point that it is different with every woman and each woman's body is different in handling pregnancy. But skydiving is skydiving. The dangers of skydiving don't care if your OB said it is ok or that your body is physically healthy. You are jumping out of friggin airplanes when you are carrying a child. THESE factors have ZERO to do with how your body handles pregnancy. Skydiving is an extremely risky activity in which countless things can go wrong. No one ever goes for a jump and thinks, "well, this is probably the jump I am gonna get hurt on." Shit happens. When you are pregnant it is not only your own life you are risking, it is now the life of your child's as well. This is my major point. Is jumping out of airplanes REALLY that important that you are willing to risk your child's life for it? I understand that we need to keep living and can't live in a plastic bubble, but I also understand that there are certain responsibilities that you take on to get pregnant and things you should give up for the welfare of your child. But, this is just my opinion.
  9. Yes, but my wife didn't think she was going to pass out from doing housework either. She THOUGHT she was being perfectly cautious.
  10. That's all well and good when everything goes right. I understand that skydiving is an activity that pregnant women can do safely, but it is the risk of all the things that can go wrong that I have the trouble with. All it could take is one slightly bad landing to end a pregnancy, no matter how good of physical condition you are in or what OB gave you the blessing. Do OBs give the ok for women who are 4 months pregnant to go downhill skiing?
  11. Well, I certainly don't think women should "wrap themselves in plastic bubble paper and never leave the house, never eat fish of any kind, never do any kind of physical activity, never do this, never do that,".... but, I definitely don't hink they should just go about their lives exactly the same. Especially when it comes to activities that are dangerous or strenuous. My wife passed out and took a header into the floor when she was about 1 month in and it was just from doing a bit too much housework. So, I think skydiving is pushing it a bit.
  12. Really?? I thought you didn't do hook turns because you were a bad canopy pilot. I kid, I kid! Thank you for your post. How long after your last child was it that you started jumping?
  13. And when I started thinking about it in terms of protecting a child, this is what it pretty much boiled down to for me too.
  14. And I appreciate your post. It is interesting to hear how women have different views about it.