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  1. I got this altimeter for a lot cheaper than I care to admit (ok, I traded a jump ticket). This thing is rugged! All the students and experienced jumpers at my home DZ Skydive Hollister use the galaxy as rental gear and it never fails us. Our landing area is 350ft higher than takeoff area so it's helpful to have a dial that adjusts as easily as the galaxy.
  2. Blue skies on yet another bright sunny day. Experienced fun jumpers exit the PAC 750 over California at Skydive Hollister.

    © Skydive Hollister

  3. Esteve exits the PAC on his first solo skydive after graduating the AFF program. Congratulations esteve! Learn more about AFF at Skydive Hollister. Also, here are our AFF prices. Blue skies!

    © Skydive Hollister

  4. Skydive Hollister first tandem. Nice sweater!

    © Skydive Hollister

  5. Best skydive experience in the California Bay Area, for first time skydivers and experienced fun jumpers alike! We also teach AFF, where you can learn to jump solo. Visit for more!