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  1. This hasn't become law nor is it likely to without a budget being passed. It won't happen on it's own it'll sneak in somewhere attached to another bill, but the GA community is pretty well "on notice" for such a thing.
  2. How about a naked Mr. Bill? It's a high pull, a Mr. Bill, kinda like a sitfly for a second, and if you're the Bill you can track after you let go. Win... win... win... win and win!
  3. CRWDogs of the World, Midwest Freefall in Metro Detroit (but not too close to Detroit) is hosting it's 2nd Quasi-Annual Dink Dink CRW Boogie! August 9th through August 12th 2012 Organizers are Mike Lewis and Jim Rasmussen. We have plenty of camping space, nearby hotels and a shuttle van for DZ to hotel morning and night, DTW Airport on Thursday for late morning arrivals and Sunday afternoon for departures. Shower / bathrooms onsite, and evening activities planned as well. Pizza provided Thursday night, Friday and Saturday Catering by Plan B Catering for $5 Friday and $10 Saturday. Boogie fee: $30 Looking for a few for outside video, so maybe a throw in for video slots as well. Our DZ:!/pages/Midwest-Freefall-Sport-Parachute-Club/89160128361 Event on Facebook: And of course... THE LIST 1. Korissa Bomba (160) 2. Mike Lewis (193?) 3. Jim Rasmussen (193?) 4. April Schuldt 5. Jason "Maverick" Smith (160?) 6. Joe Thompson (176) 7. Ryan Drew (126) 8. Amanda Scheffler (113) 9. Gary Charnesky (218) 10. Adam Gibson (Needs a 143) 11. James Raimar (160) 12. Kenny Simon (Needs a 126) 13. Chris Bohn (176) 14. Kristal Ciamillo (143) ... and you? Any questions I can be reached at Hope to see you there! Joe Thompson
  4. There is a beginners camp in Maytown, PA in a month. I know that's a bit of a stretch but one thing I've learned over the last year of chasing this discipline... CRW = Travel! Link to the forum thread on the camp...
  5. A BIG thank you to all who came to support us in giving Michigan CRW a much needed jumpstart! Everyone who attended had a blast and I hope we can keep CRW over Michigan for a long time to come! Razz and Mav, thank you so much for the one-on-one coaching, bringing out canopies, getting 5 skydivers broke in to CRW, for which much beer was bought, and working with another 7 of us with various levels of CRW experience to get us together into some really awesome jumps! I can't wait for the video, which April came out to do and as always did an amazing job! Thank you SO MUCH Mike Lewis for loaning us some canopies and one Korissa Bomba to bring her CRWy CRWness and wonderful attitude to our little corner of the world! Thanks Deb and Nickie for making the drive up to Michigan, it was awesome meeting you ladies and hope to do some CRW with you again soon! I look forward to getting a load of new CRW jumpers to Cheese, and meeting many more of what I've come to realize is the best community of skydivers out there. I've been very fortunate to be able to meet so many welcoming, amazing people over the last year, and it just keeps getting better! I'll keep you all posted about next years Homegrown Boogie, just remember... Detroit doesn't totally suck!!! (can't wait to start a LIST!) And, as happens with most CRWbie events, we are looking for canopies. I think we have several of the attendees interested in canopies sorted out all ready, though various contacts, but are still looking for a L160 in decent shape at a reasonable price, if anyone has one sitting in a closet, I promise this kid will jump it like crazy and make you proud! CReW Skies! Joe Thompson
  6. That is the place. We are the other side of Michigan, but it is such a scenic drive ;)
  7. I'm an aspiring CRW pup with about a dozen CRW jumps (136 total) and a skills camp behind me, and a week of skyjumping in Florida Dec 26 - Jan 2 ahead of me. Since I've never taken a skyjumping trip to FL (beer, I know) I have no idea where to go for CRW. Whats the best DZ to visit for CRW? Are there any active CRW dogs during the week, any traveling to the DZ's in FL that week? I'm debating whether or not it's worth bringing my CRW rig (lightning 193 / WL at 1.15).