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  1. Any experience on a safire 3? I'm looking into demoing one soon, but was wondering how comparable the openings are to Sabre2 or Pilot. Every video i watch on youtube either looks like the safire 3 has the longest snivel or opens quick (Majority of them sniveling).
  2. I don't know if this is a topic that has ever been discussed, but i wanted to bring it up because I haven't came across any post. I've read plenty of articles debating a variety canopy flight and deployment characteristics, but nothing about altitude loss. I'm particularly interested in talking about the snivel/altitude loss of canopies. I understand it's nothing serious to consider when skydiving because the deployment altitude is higher than base jumping per say. However, it's something i'm personally interested in learning about and wanted to see if anyone else had any input? I've read articles about the Pilot or Safire 3 having severe snivel characteristics, so how does that relate to altitude loss? - Is a snivel characteristic correlated to altitude loss? - Is a hard opening caused by the canopy opening quicker, thus losing less altitude? Interested to see if anyone has any input?
  3. Hello, Looking for a new rig, and thought i would create a post to see what's out there. Does anyone have a used infinity or icon with a 150-170 reserve? Please message me if you're selling a rig or if you know anyone who could link a seller with a buyer!