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  1. The master rigger at my DZ recently took an inch off my closing loop, and I'm no longer strong enough to close my rig with just a pull up cord (by comparison, it's easy for him - but he's closed thousands of rigs and I've probably packed 60 times so far. I'm a baby bird / A license). A power tool will get it done, but the Puca tool is WAY more effective for me. I'm sure as my hands get stronger I'll be able to pack without it, but for now, it's invaluable.
  2. Mirage M5 can actually go from 168 all the way up to a couple options at 230.
  3. Two recommendations is all the more compelling. Looks like I'll be changing my flight.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. If I haven't had some progress by November I'll definitely be reaching out.
  5. I live in New Hampshire and while there are plenty of places within a few hours I can get my A license at, the weather seems to make getting more than a single jump every week or two pretty challenging. It's been three weeks since FJC and my home DZ has had precisely one student get their first jump in (lucky me... my daughter slept in that day and is still waiting for her level one). I'm willing to take time off work to travel and try to get a bunch of jumps in. I'd like to get my A license as quickly as possible. Knowing I'm coming from the east coast USA, where would you recommend I go that has quality instruction and a good combination of aircraft and weather to achieve that goal? International travel is out. US travel is in... I'm going to be as far west as Arizona in November and could see adding to that trip.