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  1. They closed the case less than a month after I sent them the tips on Edwards.
  2. Cool. Do one on Ed Edwards. Pros: Was in the hospital in late 1971/early 1972 with a broken back & neck from "falling down a flight of stairs" Published autobiography with depiction of himself in a suit with a briefcase in 1972 Prime suspect in 1960 Thanksgiving double murder in Portland, OR where he escaped jail to avoid questioning, placing him on the FBI 10 most wanted list. (Peyton-Allan Files, Phil Stanford) Cons: John Cameron (primary investigator on this case) has attributed dozens of high profile crimes to him including the Zodiac killer, JonBenet Ramsey, & Black Dahlia Died in 2010 at the age of 72 without confessing after being convicted to life in prison Was a family man with 3 children at time of skyjack
  3. You all assume Cooper was a folk hero and this was a one off for him. The truth is he was a career criminal and serial killer. There are other high profile cases still open that he is responsible for. They also may not disclose who he was so others do not copycat.
  4. It also seems reckless to be interfering with an open investigation if someone else wrote that book, especially coaxing the reader to go searching for a reward. If you do find out who really wrote it, it would be interesting to know if FBI paid him a visit over it.
  5. Affirming the consequent is a common blunder in logic. Just because I can't confirm your story does not mean I believe anything. I keep an open mind, including the possibility that there may be something to the Ha Ha Ha book. Am I supposed to just ignore what may be a key piece of evidence in this case because some guy heard from some lady that she met a guy who said he did the artwork and knew the real author? I strongly consider your story, but it's not enough for me to say it's confirmed, especially since it is only hearsay. With the lack of hard evidence, it seems like you would have identified the author if you wanted to do some real work on this case.
  6. I am not saying it is real or true. All I am saying is that you have no conclusive proof it is a work of fiction, nor do you have any proof of who the real author is. I have to put this in my files as speculation and hearsay. The artist is irrelevant. Anyone can hire an artist, including Cooper. Are you saying there is no possible way Cooper could have provided the manuscript to an editor and/or hired this artist? If you got a lead on the true author, please confirm if it's not too much trouble. The story of Ha Ha Ha just does not make sense as a work of fiction. Less than 20% of that book has anything to do with the Cooper skyjack. Most of that story is a flashback of the authors earlier escapades. Seems like if Pro authors were going to publish a book posing as DB Cooper they would have stuck to the plot.
  7. From what I can gather here, it is actually unknown who the author was. Unless you can provide a name, then this is all speculation and hearsay. Even if you got a name from Dona (didn't she pass a few years ago?), you can't prove it was the author, correct me if I am wrong. It could have been someone fronting, or even a stooge hired by Cooper to pose as the author. I get you have assessed it was a "pro job", but perhaps it was hired out by Cooper? The one thing we can say with certainty is Cooper had enough money to hire editors and illustrators.
  8. You really think this was a "one off" crime for Cooper? He got the title of "master criminal" with his first caper? Chances are he was a convicted felon and could not have traveled to Asia or Switzerland to launder the money. As far as time constraints, he probably already had a plan in place to off the evidence ASAP. If I was compiling a list of possibilities, I would at least consider what was written in Ha Ha Ha, that he diversified it including silver coin since Nixon just ended the Bretton Woods gold standard.
  9. If you have a legitimate theory, then you should be able to explain why he used the name Dan Cooper. We know it is based on a comic book. Most researchers don't get deep enough into the Zodiac killer case to find the comic book connections. Zodiac's Halloween Card was a reference to the comic Tim Holt #30. The symbol at the end of the card is featured in Red Ryder. Doctor Zodiac is a comic book villain who actually hijacked an aircraft ransoming the passengers and escaped by parachute with the money.
  10. My suspect was a self proclaimed writer. He published his autobiography in 1972, but nothing else. He was known to use alias names, and I suspect he has other works done under pseudonyms. He was also locked up in the early 80's so had some time on his hands to do some writing. I have an interesting theory on the 7 clues, and I hope anyone interested in the subject takes me seriously. Cooper was also the Zodiac killer, and if he really wrote Ha Ha Ha and encoded a location to find some money, I would send in the bomb squad before searching it alone, because it is probably a death trap.
  11. Do you know the name of that book? Also in regards to Bob saying Ha Ha Ha is a work of fiction, I think it should still be on the table as possibly written by Cooper unless you can prove otherwise. Some of the most delicate scientific work requires operating with uncertainty. He also mentioned in Ha Ha Ha how he planted the money there just to confuse the FBI about the jump location, which makes a lot of sense, true or not.
  12. Interesting you think he jumped in wooded area. If I recall correctly didn't he say in Ha Ha Ha that he jumped near Reno just to avoid the trees and land on sand? It makes a lot more sense to jump in the desert.
  13. Someday people would hear of Ed Edwards, master criminal. -MOAC p.38
  14. "The description on one wire service: Master Criminal" - Original Newscast:
  15. Does Klansic have a criminal record? You would not need to hijack a plane for $200k if you had cush job a Boeing. How much was he making per year there in 1970's $$??