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  1. Either one you choose will be excellent. I highly recommend Perris - I jump there the most. A lot of the instructors in the area work at both DZs. Elsinore has great things but I'm going to focus on nice things about Perris: There is a restaurant/bar - great for staying fueled up during jumping. Most nights have some/many instructors/coaches hanging out and happy to share advice. You can connect with other jumpers too. Many, many outs for landing, no matter your skill level. The grass landing area is for jumpers with a B license and 100 jumps, so prior to that you will land in the dirt. And there is A LOT of dirt to land in! They incorporate the wind tunnel into the training, and the tunnel in on site. I don't know how many people realize how valuable this training is. You can also train extra if you like, on top of what's part of the AFF program. Load organizers are there every day. Once you are off AFF but prior to getting licensed, you will be doing coach jump and solo jumps to get up your jump numbers towards your A license. You instructors will always assist you, but you'll be more on your own away from the school doing solos. It's nice to know there are LOs/experienced jumpers/coaches around to ask questions to. Even just to help you out in the loading area and exit order, etc. Skyvan! Sometimes you get to jump out of this awesome plane. Pool. Always fun. Like someone else said, if you can, go to each facility and just check it out and walk around. Talk to the school staff at each DZ. You'll be jumping at both DZs eventually - they are both great.