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  1. I'm sorry my comment made you feel that way, but I did in fact get the point in the article. I just did not talk about that. I was simply expressing some thoughts about HOW this potential 2outs can physically happen. I am ALSO very happy that Tony came up with the mod so quickly and offers it for free to Apache suit owners. I will upgrade my suit eventually but I still confident and secure with my own safety if I have to jump my rig as is.
  2. It is quite the controversy, but after inspecting my system (handles configured ON the outside of the suit), analysing it, make some tests of my own, I feel that the potential 2outs can easily be prevented by setting up/checking gear on the ground then checking it again before exit on EVERY jump. I am also very meticulous when I do my checks. Especially using a wingsuit, we should always be extra careful as added elements create more potential for problems. Same thing happens when you decide to put cameras on your head. I had my suit specifically modified to my rig so that the handles would sit in the most ideal position. Just like alot of really dangerous malfunctions that can happen with any regular systems (e.g. horseshoe, premature main deployment...etc), complete and effective gear checks are essential to ensure they don't happen. In this case, if the harness is secured to the suit properly, the handles should not be able to move and thus, potentially open the reserve container. But it needs to be checked every jump just like you would check your 3 handles, friction adapters and 3 rings. Nobody wants a horseshoe malfunction, yet alot of careless people use closing loopsthat are too long... Awareness and knowledge is everything. It's up to every jumper to take care of their equipment and ensure their own safety. Now I'm not saying those jumpers who had 2outs weren't, but it seems alot of factors about how those(2outs) happened are missing. Anyways, I love my suit. :D Fly safe
  3. I've been jumping a Katana 97 for almost 200jumps now without any serious problems. I use it now on an Apache X and I'm having good openings. Now any parachute can be OK for ws if you are comfortable with the openings and flying characteristic etc. Being a swooper and after Talking with Tony U., I will also try to get my hands on a JFX and try it out. It apparently opens really soft and whenever it comes out in a line twist, It spins out of it instantly on inflation of the canopy. Semms good to me and I can't wait to try it.