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  1. Registration European WS Record FAI 19-27 July 2019 Location: Russia, DZ Aerograd Коlomna Plane: 3х L410 First attempt: min 45-49-way Registration fee: 160 EUR Jump ticket: ~27 EUR/jump All information in registration
  2. Schedule of the training camps to the Wingsuit Record of Europe 2019: April 27-28 May 9-12 May 18-19 May 25-26 June 8-9 2 planes June 15-16 June 29-30 July 6-7 2 planes Qualifying camp starting composition of Wingsuit Record of Europe 2019:July 19-20
  3. Information about receiving a visa to Russia For entering Russia citizens of most countries need to receive Visa. The easiest way is to apply for tourist Visa (maximum 2 weeks). For tourist Visa you will need tourist Visa support. For receiving this document and further instructions, please, contact: or whatsup +79031095157
  4. The FAI European Wingsut Record 19-27 July 2019. DZ Aerograd Kolomna, Russia. This year in July 29 the 38-way European and Russian Wingsuit Record was set by the forces of russian wingsuit pilots. Next year we intend to set a new European Wingsuit Record. All european and russian wingsuit pilots are invited to participate! All important and relevant information will be published in the official groups: Record Schedule: 19-20 July Final training camp to determine the basic composition 21 July Registration 22-26 July Record attempts 27 July Reserve day 28 July Departure of participants