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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 47 minutes

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    DOM 02/20. Size W8 (main 135-150; reserve 126-143). Options (quilted backpad, reserve boost, hook knife on mudflap; collapsible PC; hackey; hard insert in cutaway) more details on foto. New cost 2635 $ For communication use WhatsApp +79153990160 or FB


    Moscow - RU

  2. GlebS

    New Raven 190 cm

    Time Left: 6 days and 6 hours

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    New Raven from . HEIGHT - 190 cm CHEST - 108 cm WAIST- 92 cm HIPS- 106 cm The reason for the sale, the client did not like the design. Сontacts +79153990160 WhatsApp or FB



  3. On July 24-30 2021 at the DZ Krutitcy, will be made attempts to collect a diamond in the sky from pilots from all over the world. Our goal is to improve the current World Record set in the USA in 2015 61-way. This will be the largest wingsuit event ever held in Russia. We invite all wingsuit pilots to participate! We hope that by the time of the scheduled dates there will be no difficulties with movement around the world and we will be provided with the support of our foreign friends! Registration and more details coming soon, stay tuned for official announcements in FB
  4. Official video
  5. Registration European WS Record FAI 19-27 July 2019 Location: Russia, DZ Aerograd Коlomna Plane: 3х L410 First attempt: min 45-49-way Registration fee: 160 EUR Jump ticket: ~27 EUR/jump All information in registration
  6. Schedule of the training camps to the Wingsuit Record of Europe 2019: April 27-28 May 9-12 May 18-19 May 25-26 June 8-9 2 planes June 15-16 June 29-30 July 6-7 2 planes Qualifying camp starting composition of Wingsuit Record of Europe 2019:July 19-20
  7. Information about receiving a visa to Russia For entering Russia citizens of most countries need to receive Visa. The easiest way is to apply for tourist Visa (maximum 2 weeks). For tourist Visa you will need tourist Visa support. For receiving this document and further instructions, please, contact: [email protected] or whatsup +79031095157
  8. No, it was registering as a World record (18 Jun 2015) and then it was beaten in USA 61-way (17 Oct 2015). The first record of Europe / France was 28 Aug 2017 25-way. We made 38-way 29 July 2018. All information can be found here
  9. The FAI European Wingsut Record 19-27 July 2019. DZ Aerograd Kolomna, Russia. This year in July 29 the 38-way European and Russian Wingsuit Record was set by the forces of russian wingsuit pilots. Next year we intend to set a new European Wingsuit Record. All european and russian wingsuit pilots are invited to participate! All important and relevant information will be published in the official groups: Record Schedule: 19-20 July Final training camp to determine the basic composition 21 July Registration 22-26 July Record attempts 27 July Reserve day 28 July Departure of participants