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  1. OK, go boy!!! I do seem to have a mad grin on my face, I was enjoying it even before I left the plane! You should have seen my face when I landed - I haven't stopped grinning yet! Suzie aka: Tigger
  2. Hi Ben, Welcome! I'm going with Target Skysports (Hib) to Algarve in 2 weeks to do my AFF - bring it on!!! Suzie aka: Tigger
  3. Hi Poobear, Tigger here! I'd say tandem first - I've always known I wanted to skydive but wanted the experience of a tandem first to see how I would cope. I did my tandem on Feb 14th and it was better than I ever imagined it would be - it was great to experience the freefall but not having to worry too much about getting it right or deploying. And once the canopy is open you have someone there to chat to, ask any questions, and get a nice safe landing. You can then figure out if you actually enjoyed it enough to start the 'debt'! I've got the bug in a major way! I've got the bank loan (yes, debt starts here!), and found a great DZ (Hib) with great friendly people and I've now off to Portugal in 2 weeks to do my AFF. Did groundschool yesterday, lots to remember but great fun, although aching a bit today and couple of bruises from being shaken about in harness practising malfunctions! I did the groundschool with 2 others - one who had also done tandem and one that hadn't. The guy that hadn't done tandem was more scared and a bit more confused about what to do - you don't learn loads from a tandem but you do understand what happens in freefall and what to expect. Hope that helps! Get your tandem booked now and get into that sky! Let us know how you get on.
  4. Hey, did I even mention groping or snogging!! You just blame the cider and you'll be fine!! I'm sure the cider gets blamed for a lot of things - I know that'll be my excuse for anything I might or might not do in the future! You in South Africa yet? Have got groundschool Monday so think I'll go over on Sunday, might see you if you're there. Suzie aka: Tigger
  5. Hey Will - how about these then! Think you'd all had plenty of cider by now!!! Suzie aka: Tigger
  6. Mmmm, we're all looking great there aren't we!! Shame the sun went in. Will defo be coming over to Hib as much as possible so see you soon. xxx Suzie aka: Tigger
  7. We looked like shit and felt like shit!! And you captured it on your video camera - I want to see that footage! Radio One getting turned on full blast at 8am was not great, and all the loud announcements on a tannoy were not helping us sleep! Laying in the sun watching you all land was cool, it was such a nice day. You'll definitely see me down at Hib again, got my groundschool Monday so might come Sunday and stay over, don't fancy the early morning drive from Sheffield! If I don't see you before you go to South Africa has a great time and see you when you get back - hopefully I'll be qualified (scary thought!).
  8. Cider, yes that did have something to do with staying in a caravan! I was supposed to go home Saturday afternoon but was intrigued by Bulmers Special. Two pints was good, not sure I could have managed anymore! Although the pernod&black intake at the DZ bar with Kat might have tipped me over the edge. You know exactly what the place is like! Booked my place on the Algarve trip yesterday - AFF here I come! Out on 5th, back on 13th - you gonna be there then? Hope to meet you soon.
  9. Hi Will, where you there this weekend? Are you the one from South Africa? If so, I can't believe you were jumping on Sunday - you saw the state of us lot! Yes I did get bitten - not on my arse though! A nice juicy bite on my back. If Kat has the reputation for biting then I'm sure it was her! Are you going to Portugal? See you around.
  10. 1. hhmm, my wallet is not so big but i'll just give up food! 2. i have spouse but luckily he has his own hobbies to keep him entertained. 3. correct - NO FEAR!!! Suzie aka: Tigger
  11. Well it sure is easy to get hooked! I can't imaging anyone who doesn't get hooked after one jump! Suzie aka: Tigger
  12. cool, heard plenty of good stuff about him now, indeed he is very yellow!! Suzie aka: Tigger