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  1. Thank you - do you have any experience with any of these dropzones? Are there any you'd recommend over the others? This website has no reviews at all for Fyrosity or Skydive Las Vegas :( We do the 200 tandems over 4 days at Pepperell in Mass.
  2. Made an edit to the header post Other notes: We have the money to front the entire cost of the booking, have an electronic booking and payment system for our group and have had no issues doing this with a group of 200 tandems on a yearly basis.
  3. TL;DR - I am NOT looking for help or advice with getting people to sign up. We do this LITERALLY (not figuratively) EVERY YEAR with 200 tandems in MA. I am looking for help with selecting dzs in Vegas. Looking for recommendations for places in Vegas for a large group (50-100) tandems over at most 2 days. (+ points if it will also be fun for myself, a fun jumper). What prices are reasonable? Reminder that I AM NOT LOOKING for advice on getting people to sign up/making sure they pay blah blah blah. Again, we do this literally every year with 200 tandems in MA.
  4. This is (by far) the closest DZ to where I live. The people there are really nice and I have had no trouble jumping with other people as a fun jumper (but also I'm a girl and I know that makes it easier). I'm a bit put off by the way everything is cash (jumps? cash or pay a hefty card fee. Pack job? Cash straight to the packer); I tried to buy a rig that they had on consignment and they requested that I pay in cash (they wanted me to bring $4000 worth of literal cash to the dz???). Lastly, I really don't like the lack of concern for safety. There is no DZSO, I've seen someone straight out of A-license decide to downsize without consulting a coach/instructor, I don't think anyone counts canopies as they land.
  5. I would highly recommend doing AFF here. The instructors do a great job of holding your hand all the way through and really know their shit. I stayed for to do my B license, but found that AFF is their main focus, B rels and other parts of the B license were a lot less structured. I had to actively seek out packing lessons/coached jumps that were included in the package. A lot of the fun jumpers are excellent skydivers but can be a little cliquey and not too friendly to those who are coming straight out of AFF.
  6. Really lovely people and great vibe - even for English speakers. They were so friendly even though we didn't speak a word of Lithuanian. Fantastic for tandems, great instructors and really good camera services. Very easy to get to via train - short walk from Kyviškių station, easily accessible from Vilnius. Although they are very friendly to fun jumpers, the plane is very old and only goes to 3km (and it's a long climb at that!). Rental gear was very new and high quality.