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  1. hamjamjam

    Skydive Oz

    I would highly recommend doing AFF here. The instructors do a great job of holding your hand all the way through and really know their shit. I stayed for to do my B license, but found that AFF is their main focus, B rels and other parts of the B license were a lot less structured. I had to actively seek out packing lessons/coached jumps that were included in the package. A lot of the fun jumpers are excellent skydivers but can be a little cliquey and not too friendly to those who are coming straight out of AFF.
  2. hamjamjam

    Vilnius Skydiving Club

    Really lovely people and great vibe - even for English speakers. They were so friendly even though we didn't speak a word of Lithuanian. Fantastic for tandems, great instructors and really good camera services. Very easy to get to via train - short walk from Kyviškių station, easily accessible from Vilnius. Although they are very friendly to fun jumpers, the plane is very old and only goes to 3km (and it's a long climb at that!). Rental gear was very new and high quality.