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  1. Nick, My friend Dave Radford, a West Point classmate, found this forum so I signed up just to comment. Ben was my roommate at West Point. I can't tell you how infectious his personality was. Although he left school, we just had our twenty year reunion and several us were telling Lunn stories. Stories like the time he decided to fill his rucksack with 70 pounds of rocks and run around the school, or when he set the intramural swimming record for fun, or the stories he told us about growing up in Findlay. We were talking about him and all regretted how badly we felt that we hadn't kept in touch. David then found this forum and I just wanted to leave you a note. Though I ended up being a pretty poor friend by not keeping in touch, Ben was always a good friend to me (other than getting me hooked on Kodiak, haha). I miss him now and sorely regret that I didn't reach out to him.