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  1. 1335smaj

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    OK, Check this out!!!! Being here is a big deal. THe people on this DZ no your here for a special day if you are a beginner. They make a huge deal of your presence. Everyone greets you and cheers you up as you go for your jump. Videos are shared by all and there is a huge sense of belonging. This is "all about you" skydiving. There are ten or so instructors and tons of cool stuff. People were here from all over and they were there as AFF students, Tandem Students, Static Line students, and regular jumpers. It was cool. Everyone here is a skydiver too; all the pilots, the owner, everyone!!! Start skydiving wherever you want to but I recommend coming here. The cost is less expensive than any other DZ you'll find and they have any kind of instruction you'll need. One guy was a static line student who wanted to try AFF. The instructors cross trained him and he was in freefall in a couple hours. Another guy was paying huge fees on another dz and came here. He saved $70 per jump. I love this place. Fast, friendly, attentive, OH they have a friggin awesome keg-o-rator with a fresh keg every weekend. Pitch in and jump out. Life is tough. It's tougher when your dumb. Don't be dumb, try this DZ.
  2. 1335smaj

    Mirage G3

    I bought a new Mirage in late 98'. When I ordered it the "free-fly" mod was an option for the "Mirage". G3's and G4's were not marketed yet. Since then the Mirage has given way to the G3. My rig is identical, however it is now severely devalued. The reserve deployment system was designed to accomodate the Cypres and similar AAD's. There was nothing wrong with the system yet we all had to send our rigs in to have the cypres /reserve deployment system modified. I applaud Mirage for doing this pro-bono but I still had to disassemble my rig and pay the shipping. Now there is a huge gap and unsightly bulge in my system where the modification was done. So......Mirage says the riggers aren't packing efficiently. This is enough of a problem that Mirage offers a new pilot chute with a sunken top so there is no bulge. Of course this is $100 and not a replacement but simply an aid to make their modification look normal again. My rig works great, is very comfortable, and is completely functional, but if I am paying nearly $2K for another harness and container I am going to go with a system that does not change so much in a few years. I'm going with a Vector, Infinity, or Javelin. In that order....