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  1. What would be really nice on this site and I find it annoying that you can't do this, is when trying to find a DZ in a country, I have to go and google around to find out where that DZ is on the map. Perhaps using the google maps API would be good for this, or simply something like at the BPA: http://www.bpa.org.uk/dropzone/dzone.htm (but perhaps with some more detail of nearby town names and road names). Any chance of that happening anytime? James http://jamesspratt.com
  2. Ok, I've recently completed my AFF in SA and am now back home in the UK, where the weather is not favourable. I'm thinking of going out to Spain or Portugal to get more jumping in but am slightly confused as to what the next level would be. Should I go for the USPA A license, or I've also been told of ISPs and the BPA license? What is the most useful and internationally recognised cert to go for, i.e. what course should I book next? Thanks in advice for any replies. http://jamesspratt.com
  3. Nice bunch of guys, good 1-to-1 tuition. Thanks Hugo et al. Bit of waiting around for a ride sometimes however. Ok, they're a business so it's fair enough, but I did get a feeling that there's more emphasis on Tandems and DVDs/pics as that's where the money's to be made. One guy who's not in often always creates an atmosphere of chaos whenever he's around (no names mentioned but he has a 'tache!).
  4. Yes, somehow. I'm not sure how it really happened, I'm guessing perhaps that from the position I was sitting in on the way up?? Lessons learnt: Check kit, check again and know your drills. http://jamesspratt.com
  5. I've just completed my AFF and on my 17th jump, a fun jump, I got a malfunction. Somehow the parachute came out as soon as I jumpedm, I guess something must have tugged at it in the ride up, however the chute didn't unfold, it just hung there above me, I recognized straight away that things weren't normal and the drills kicked in, look, locate, right, left, arch, check, hey presto! not wanting to big myself up, but I was surprised at how cool I was considering. Learn the drills well, and it becomes second nature so you've nothing to worry about. http://jamesspratt.com