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  1. Delivered to York University address 22 Boake St, North York, Ontario M3J0B6 Canada. Fraudulently purchased with stolen credit card. Recovered! No longer stolen.
  2. chutingstar


  3. Disclaimer: I make a semi-stowless bag for many rigs. sizes, etc. I doubt that anyone can tell why that is their opinion. I have built them for 210 sq ft canopies. I have not heard back from the customer(s) that they are having problems. Jerry Baumchen Jerry and Kamran, We carry, sell and support all the major manufacturers main d-bags (standard & semi-stowless), plus many 3rd party semi-stowless and stowless d-bags. Some will only make semi-stowless/stowless d-bags up to a certain size because they don't work as well in the larger sizes due to parachute sizing/bulk issues that can change how certain designs work. Kamran we are answering several questions on your full rig purchase, and can definitely explain more in depth with you. Each of the skydivers who work here can have different opinions on gear, and we let them give advice from their experience. We also look to help jumpers keep the price down on new rigs by sorting through the "nice to have" and "have to have" options. So not going with the semi-stowless bag on your new container order was just part of that advice on the price vs. the addition to all the other advice on your options questions. Kamran, you can contact us directly for more info as you continue to make your final decisions. Take care, Mike
  4. chutingstar


    New 1-Pin Vigil Xtreme Unit "purchased" from ChutingStar with a stolen credit card and shipped to a freight forwarded in Portland, Oregon. A month later the bank took back the money because it was a fraudulent purchase. This unit is now stolen. Manufactur
  5. They are in stock now, and we always have more on the way when we run out...or we can convert a Velcro to Velcroless or vice-versa.
  6. Klamerus, Sorry to hear you've had so much trouble reaching us! If you can leave your phone number or e-mail, we can get right back in touch with you. Henry and Laura are in the shop Monday-Friday, 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Our phone number is 770-445-4000 ext. 1. Our main e-mail is [email protected] or you can send a note through the web site here: Mike
  7. chutingstar

    Vigil 2+

    New in box delivered to a "Michelle Asbhy" of 218 Washington Ave, Ste C18, Cedarhurst, NY 11516. Ended up as a fraud purchase using a stolen credit card.
  8. piifish and answer what I know... -- The Argus units have a sticker placed on the unit after it passes the 4-year service with the year of service and the control number. That is the indication that the service has been completed if you have the unit in your hands. -- Yes, once the service is completed (and passes), any units that were overdue for service are then able to be used again. -- I too was told the service had to be completed by the end of the calendar year of the 4th year. So the 4 years + 3 months is news to me. I've sent pchapman's note to Aviacom for them to respond on and/or for me to get the info and clarify. -- I've corrected the site on the batteries to what I've been told...which is 6 months. But I've asked for clarification on that as well. Mike
  9. For those of you still jumping Argus units out there...and I know you're out there because we get in several units every week to ChutingStar for the 4-year service...there is a new Service Bulletin just released by the manufacturer listing the unairworthy units that have not had the 4-year service completed. See here: For more info, contact the manufacturer here: [email protected]
  10. Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. They didn't give us a full list of the features either. We're having to piece it together from what they did tell us (not much) plus the manual plus follow-up e-mails with Vigil America and AAD. Mike
  11. When I spoke with Vigil America about ordering the Xtreme unit today, they said it's not for sale. It's only available to their sponsored athletes. They may offer for it sale in the future...but not right now. Mike
  12. Jenny at Vigil America informed me via e-mail that the battery price for the 2+ will be more than the Vigil 2, but that they are not charging for the battery change...just the price of the battery. But my take is if they aren't "selling" Vigil 2+ batteries separately...than the price is whatever they want to charge for the battery/install. Not sure how you separate the 2 if they are doing all the work and have the battery. The price of both has to be factored into whatever price they set (which is currently unknown). She did also say that Vigil doesn't have plans to certify/approve riggers or lofts or service centers to do the battery replacements. Mike
  13. Nice catch...I didn't see that in my first scan for differences. But it's clear in the manual...that definitely takes away one of the selling points (for those that didn't want to have to worry about scheduling downtime due to an AAD serivce). I do wonder if AAD or Vigil America will end up approving Master Riggers or "Vigil Lofts" for the replacement...or if they do want to now get into the AAD battery/service it 5-10 years from now.