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  1. I would guess that the weight+speed+time of your belly group is the cause rather than your transition. I would pick up a set of therabands on amazon (like these and learning all of the rotator cuff excercises to strengthen the shoulder joint. Anyone in our sport would benefit from a little skydive-optimized exercises if you ask me.
  2. I watched the crash in the last thread, and as a tunnel instructor i wouldn't even really call it a crash... I don't think that was the cause of your injury, but flying may still be the source of your injury. Especially if you didn't even land on the shoulder you hurt. ..
  3. I think what course you do depends on what you are most afraid of. I went to AFF recently with lots of tunnel time (talking 25+ hours). My transition to the sky went very smoothly as such. Freefall was easy, I knew how to do maneuvers and how to relax in the environment already, and I feel like it helped give me more attention to focus on the things that actually matter like piloting a parachute, learning altitude awareness, packing, EP's, all those necessary things you can't live without that you really can't learn anywhere but the DZ. If you're scared about not really learning how to fly your body, then go to a tunnel and learn there. If you're worried about the rest of skydiving, maybe a bit of extra coaching could be worth the extra cost. This is a sport to be taken seriously, but the information has logic and common sense behind it, and as long as you're not an idiot you'll be manage to survive and have the time of your life no matter what kind of course you do.
  4. Update: Rig had arrived and just got it all packed up and put together today. With a LPV 150 in the reserve container (meant to pack like a 135 I think?) the ZPX 168 fits perfectly fine. Took a couple minutes to dial in the closing loop length but it's not putting any stress on the container. It's important to note that I got the long version of the icon I3 so things fit a bit different than the standard icons I've packed. I say go for it. Works just fine.
  5. I ordered one a little while ago. Should be here in 6-8 weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out. I read a bunch of manuals did the math though, and checked it over with the most meticulous rigger I know and he says it should be possible.