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  1. hello,

    i hope this question  belong to this forum, im skydiving for 4 years with little less than 400 jumps and coach rating at the moment and planing on doing TI course after completing 500 jumps - and D license this summer so i could earn some money on the way.

    my question is to TI's around here if its highly recommended to gather up more jumps before the course or is 500 jumps good enough considering im very current.

    also would like to hear if there are some tips and other things i should know before going to the course.

    thanks, josef.

  2. Hi,
    I currently jump sabre 2 150 1.25 wl and looking to downsize soon, im starting to practice high speed landing and looking for the next canopy to have longer recovery arc, i have a good offer for new magellan 130 (1.4wl for me), now i heard good things about this canopy, but also heard from someone that it recover faster than a sabre 2, so if someone have some expirience with both canopies and can give comperison ill be happy,

  3. hi,
    planing to start photography and build my helmet setup, now i have skysystem nvertigo flat top helmet with chincup, now im trying to figure the things i need:
    1) how do i install cutaway for this helmet?
    2) which dslr mount should i get?

    im new to this, so any info would be helpful.

  4. BKS60

    ***Looks like the ears on the bag may be a bit full. "See if the riggers on here with more experience agree".
    May help to give more tab to tuck in.

    Ok here is an quick update.
    Working with a fellow jumper who is practicing for his riggers ticket and has a wings with a similar issue.
    We took time to fill the ears but not overfill, and kept am eye on the ears while closing. Still had less than an ideal amount of tuck afterwards. So took a packing paddle and lifted pressure on the top flap while pulling it down. This allowed the nylon under the flap to slide down and gave a big increase in the amount that tucks in.
    Hope this makes sense.if not I can post a few pics.

    Please post the pics so we could undrstand better, thanks.

  5. The rig was made for a girl, and its a bit small fit on me...
    I read all your comments and i try to make a decision...
    My options:
    1) go to another rigger and maybe he will pack it magically and the problem will disappear... Or not...
    2)buy 143 reserve and replace the 160 so the reserve wont be tight and it maybe get solved.
    3)send it to the manufacturer and it will take months to get back plus shipping and taxes costs...
    4)new wings container in 1800 dollars??

  6. Hi, i have wings w11 dom 2007 with pdr160 in it and since the my rigger packed the reserve, the reserve flap would go out always, he knows about this problem and packed it several times but the flap goes out every time, now i dont live in the US so its not that simple to just send it to wings...
    Is there any suggestions that could help?

  7. thanks.... so as far as i understand spain is the only option for good steady weather in europe during october november...

    and for my second question, i am pretty desperate for a good big parachute/rigger shop in europe that have reasonable prices for services and gear... because currently my rig is in a shop that asks pretty ridicules prices for reserve packjob, and other services...
    any recommendation will be appreciated...

  8. Hello, im new here,
    Im looking for dz in europe which operate not just on weekends and have mostly good weather in october-november, a place i could get a good numbers of jumps in a week time...
    And i am also looking to get in the same time my first rig, so is their any big gear shop that has a variety used rigs in europe that you of?
    The only dz that i found to work year round is skydive empuriabrava and skydive spain...
    Thanks for the help!