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  1. that's a great idea, hopefully going to the dropzone this week again.
  2. thanks for the going back to the dropzone this week to talk to them.
  3. Oh i see thanks for the awesome info,but i do need three tandem jumps.ill probably go back and teo two in a day.
  4. Indeed,thanks for the reply,im going to go to Cross keys before the summer is over or early fall and talk to them there,and hopefully onday will be able to jump solo.
  5. Thanks for all of the great reply's all helpful info,im going to end up calling skydive Cross keys and talking to them about getting certified and the next steps in doing so.but indeed i hear skyding can get very expensive so im trying to save up as much funds as i can.but i really want to learn to solo as yhe rush of tandem was not enough lol.
  6. I live about three hours from Skydive Delmarva which is pretty far,i liked where i went for my first Tandem,skydive Cross keys as it was a little closer and the staff was great and i hear it is expensive to get into skydiving.
  7. So ive completed my first tandem jump and loved the rush so much i want to take the next step towards skydiving solo,whats the next step as well how many tandem jump do i need before moving on to the next step.i red somewhere i needed two more but not sure.i did my first jump a skydive Cross Keys in NJ and loved it there,just sucks its a bit far from where i live,my local drop zone only does tandem jumps.
  8. Wow awesome you found me Mark,indeed my first jump was was great talking to you as well,i do hopefully plan on taking a drive back to CK next Saturday hopefully on my birthday to take anotger tandem jump,i also want to talk to someone at CK about possibly taking the needed steps to get certified as i feel im wanting to jump on my own someday.but hope to to see you up there again.
  9. What's so crazy is I've got the want to do it again so bad and I want to also do it solo one day so on my bieprthday I'm going to tandem again and take people with me to experience the rush as it was out of this world.then I going to look into hooked.the freefall was short,but this is a video of me landing.Quote
  10. So I ended up finding a drop zone in New Jersey that was more than willing to take me on my first jump and it was out of this world,it was exilerating,such a rush,I used skydive cross keys,the opening was a bit tough on the neck but not bad and the landing was so soft.but I did get nausea afterwords it was was the experience of a life time.ive def got the itch now indeed.i just went for it and the rush was killer,did not have issues with nerves until they opened the plane door than reality set it.
  11. Quotecornpone 9 years ago i slide down a firepole and susatained a t-12 spine burst fracture,had 13 hours of surgery.i have a titanium cage in my t-12 area now.and have lower back arthritis now due to degenerative disc disease in my lower back,but thats not bad at all.its crazy ive done risky activites in the 6 years after the healing process that could of dammaged my back again with just a dull ache for an hour doctkr told me it was up to me if i wanted to risk the tadem jump as i just started seeing him.and my surgeon is so impossible to get a hold of.
  12. Thanks Sammielu for the reply,i dont have an issue picking my legs up at all i just did not know what the leg assist was used for,but the reson im still itching to go is becuase at the dropzone where i was yesterday i saw so many easy landings,i should probably get with my doctor for X-rays.but whith the new parachutes they use is there realltly possibility for a hard opening?Quote
  13. Thanks for the reply,so maybe its best i just not go,i posted today about actually going to skydive if you would like to read that.but do all skydive centers have leg assist devices?
  14. Thanks for the reply so its best i not go becuase my risk is greater than most.or should i take the sky and hopefully comeout umharmed,tough call on my part.
  15. Sorry is this a bit long but bear with me please.So today i woke up feeling awesome as today was the day i was going to make my first tadem jump,i was not nerveous at all and all morning was so amped to go,my heart never really raced all morning as it was the opposite of racing which to me was so weird as im not one to engage in scary activites,it take me 20 minyltes to get blood work done at the doctors hands shake and my heart races until i calm down but today and last week where different,for a month i had my mind set on doing one thing to prove everyone wrong who ever doubted me doing somethibg risky. so around 1130 i got in my buddies car after he picked me up and we headed down the highway to the skydive center,me still feeling so calm and just so amped to get in the plane,my heart was besting so slow and i was just filled with we got to the skydive center and i went up to talk to the woman who took the payments and explained to her about my back issues and she looked into me jumping and said it should be no issue and to let my instructor know what was going on and to please try to arrange his feet in a way thet the landing would be soft,so i got the harness on after watching people land and still as calm annd amped as ever,my hands never shook or my heart never raced.when my instructor called me name he put my harness on and we wait 5 minutes before going out to the plane.i then proceeded to tell hime my issues as the woman behind the pay area told me to and he told me it was up to me if i wanted to jump so i said yes im ready. He then backed out and said he did not feel safe taking me and i understood,can ya'll tell me what i said or did wrong in order not to be able to go,im going back to my doctor next weekto get a doctors note to take with me when i go back and get X-rays so my new doc can tell me,should i go back and knock skydiving off my bucketlist or is my back realltly an issue and i should just not do it anymore.oh and is it normal to not be nervous and calm the whole time before the trip.i really want to feel the rush of the wind hiting my body and want to be up in the sky so bad,doing so much research online i no longer am scared to sky dive and have not been for months,its my backs that the main issue.i wish my effing back was not an i want to feel the rush of conquering a fear ive had since i was young.
  16. I'm looking to take my first ever tandem jump in August and fractured my T-12 sliding down a fire pole and your response is amazing,now I'm def wanting to jump,does the landing hurt you back or the chute opening?Quote
  17. Thanks for all the great reply'so as my doctor told me when I went to see him that it was up to me if I wanted to Tandem skydive and that he could do x-rays but have never been skydiving so he would not know how my back would handle a landing aND such.he did tell me to talk to my surgeon who did surgery on me who I tried to contact but he is out of town for a month orver seas,I was trying to go this summer because I'm turning 40 in August
  18. I can indeed run up and down stairs,I've falling on my but with not issues,I've gone to many a night club and concert and jumped up and down for hours with only minimal back pain the next day,I've gone tubing in a river and feel off and smasked my back on the water with no pain what so ever,I've run a half marathon with non back pain after.this all 4 or so years after my I think I'd be fine as well should I let the instructor know of my issues before we make the jump?thanks for the great reply's.
  19. I've been watching tandem skydive landings on YouTube and they don't look rough at all in fact they look like they would not hurt my back at all and saw a video of a 96 year old woman skydiving so I don't feel the need to see a surgeon as I was just talking to a friend who I found out is a pro level instructor and he told me I would be fine,so I guess I'll call the sky dive center itself and see if they can accomidate meQuote
  20. So I've still got the itch to go tandem skydiving,I'm going to meet with a new spine surgeon next Wednesday to hopefully get new X-rays and get him to asses my back as it is now.but I need a few questions to ask him in relation to the chute opening and landing. What are some key questions to ask the new surgeon which he would hopefully be able to answer?im wanting to go before summer is old spine surgeon is impossible to get a hold of so I've found one who's hopefully can help. How far off the ground are you before you land your but off the ground? Is there possibilities these days for something called a hard opening with the well at the sky dive center I would be using I red a review of them accommodating someone with MS. Thanks for the replies and cheers.Quote
  21. So I have an appointment with a new doctor tommorow as my old doctor has moved out of state,my old doctor is the one who knows the most about my back condition,hopefully my new doctor can ex ray me and tell me if is ok for me to tandem jump or not because I'm so stoked and really want to go so bad.I'll reply tomorrow after my doctor replys
  22. Thanks for the reply,I've not done a ton of rehab since my accident,but I can tell you I've done plenty of things that I could of easily hurt my back again with not much of a problem,I'm 5'7-128 pounds and very nimble but in the past 8 years I've run for miles one end even ran a half marathon.I've been cyxling for 5 years and have ridden 1000's of miles one roads and hiles,I've been living weights for the past month get work my chest area to become stronger as well as my arms and shoulders.I was just worried about the landing as well as the chute opening,but I guess it would be a risk I father is 75 and last year went sky diving and he's not the most fit person as he's older now and said his landing was not bad ar all my mother has gone as well and her landing was not bad either,but I'll def all to my doctor about the three to four foot landing.
  23. Thanks for the reply!I am going to talk to my Doctor this week indeed.
  24. So I'm new to the forum and new to skydiving,I have a few questions to ask here as I want to do my first ever tandem jump,if eel its on my bucket list of things to do before I die. I'll try to make this short,first off I'll start by saying this,in 2009 I slid down a firepole in a fire house and fractured my spine in my t-12 area and was given 13 hours of surgery,I now have a titanium cage in my spine,it's been 8 years since my accident so I guess I could say I'm 70-80 percent healed, have digenerative disc disease in a disc in my lower back which causes daily ache issue but it's not bad at all. So my questions are 1) can I tandem skydive 2) what are issues I face as far as chute opening and landing 3) can my skydive center do things to accomidate me as far as landing and chute opening 4) if I talk to my doctor I feel he'd be able to tell me how my back is doing but he's prob never been sky Diving so how would he know the dangers of sky ding with a broken back. My doctor could say you should not do it becuase it looks dangerous and you might slip your disc even more,but if he's never been sky diving how would he know? As well I feel there are people one here with worse off issues than myself who can respond and tel me well I did it with a broken back and I was fine. And if it's ok for me to do it with little issues,how to go about letting the skydive center in my area I'm jumping with issues?so they can accomidate me. I live in the Baltimore area so I'd be using either skydive Delmarva or skydive Baltimore, as well I'm doing this becuase I'll be 40 in August. Thanks for the reply and enjoy the rest of your dayQuote