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  1. that's a great idea, hopefully going to the dropzone this week again.
  2. thanks for the going back to the dropzone this week to talk to them.
  3. Oh i see thanks for the awesome info,but i do need three tandem jumps.ill probably go back and teo two in a day.
  4. Indeed,thanks for the reply,im going to go to Cross keys before the summer is over or early fall and talk to them there,and hopefully onday will be able to jump solo.
  5. Thanks for all of the great reply's all helpful info,im going to end up calling skydive Cross keys and talking to them about getting certified and the next steps in doing so.but indeed i hear skyding can get very expensive so im trying to save up as much funds as i can.but i really want to learn to solo as yhe rush of tandem was not enough lol.
  6. I live about three hours from Skydive Delmarva which is pretty far,i liked where i went for my first Tandem,skydive Cross keys as it was a little closer and the staff was great and i hear it is expensive to get into skydiving.
  7. So ive completed my first tandem jump and loved the rush so much i want to take the next step towards skydiving solo,whats the next step as well how many tandem jump do i need before moving on to the next step.i red somewhere i needed two more but not sure.i did my first jump a skydive Cross Keys in NJ and loved it there,just sucks its a bit far from where i live,my local drop zone only does tandem jumps.
  8. Wow awesome you found me Mark,indeed my first jump was was great talking to you as well,i do hopefully plan on taking a drive back to CK next Saturday hopefully on my birthday to take anotger tandem jump,i also want to talk to someone at CK about possibly taking the needed steps to get certified as i feel im wanting to jump on my own someday.but hope to to see you up there again.
  9. What's so crazy is I've got the want to do it again so bad and I want to also do it solo one day so on my bieprthday I'm going to tandem again and take people with me to experience the rush as it was out of this world.then I going to look into hooked.the freefall was short,but this is a video of me landing.Quote
  10. So I ended up finding a drop zone in New Jersey that was more than willing to take me on my first jump and it was out of this world,it was exilerating,such a rush,I used skydive cross keys,the opening was a bit tough on the neck but not bad and the landing was so soft.but I did get nausea afterwords it was was the experience of a life time.ive def got the itch now indeed.i just went for it and the rush was killer,did not have issues with nerves until they opened the plane door than reality set it.
  11. Quotecornpone 9 years ago i slide down a firepole and susatained a t-12 spine burst fracture,had 13 hours of surgery.i have a titanium cage in my t-12 area now.and have lower back arthritis now due to degenerative disc disease in my lower back,but thats not bad at all.its crazy ive done risky activites in the 6 years after the healing process that could of dammaged my back again with just a dull ache for an hour doctkr told me it was up to me if i wanted to risk the tadem jump as i just started seeing him.and my surgeon is so impossible to get a hold of.
  12. Thanks Sammielu for the reply,i dont have an issue picking my legs up at all i just did not know what the leg assist was used for,but the reson im still itching to go is becuase at the dropzone where i was yesterday i saw so many easy landings,i should probably get with my doctor for X-rays.but whith the new parachutes they use is there realltly possibility for a hard opening?Quote
  13. Thanks for the reply,so maybe its best i just not go,i posted today about actually going to skydive if you would like to read that.but do all skydive centers have leg assist devices?
  14. Thanks for the reply so its best i not go becuase my risk is greater than most.or should i take the sky and hopefully comeout umharmed,tough call on my part.