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  1. Typical nerdy guy here. If you can do a few push-ups you should be fine. Flaring your parachute feels like it's around 20 lbs of resistance. Your front riser maneuvers will feel like doing a chin-up as well so some basic athletic ability is needed. You'll be fine for learning how to skydive, but you should hit the gym anyway, working out is awesome. Good luck dude! Let us know how your AFF goes!
  2. I just got mine in the mail a couple weeks ago. I got their summer suit and I love it. Paid about $215 total for everything, and it came in about a month's time.
  3. This is awesome! Something I can show to all my wuffo friends to give them a taste of what a day in the life is like
  4. A good ol' pair of Vans does me just fine. Red of course, to match my gear.