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  1. cl0wn


    I bought a used R-Max 148 about a yearl))l ago; it had several repacks but no deployments. I was looking for a reserve at that time, and it was the only option available from a local jumper whom I knew personally, so I decided to go for it (although I had some concerns, since there is not much feedback about this canopy). Yesterday I had a chance to test it. I was doing a 4-way belly jump, pulled at 4000 feet and had a high-speed malfunction (pilot chute in tow). I did my emergency procedures and saw the reserve canopy above me almost right away. The opening was fast and on heading. The canopy flied well and the flare was better than I expected. The wing load was 1.25-1.3. This was my first malfunction so I have nothing to compare it with, but my experience with R-Max was good. I'd recommend this canopy to my friends.
  2. Thanks gunpaq. I usually jump at STI and PST, but maybe I'll come to Burnaby some day. I started doing accuracy jumps with Parafoil Gold recently, and I find it very inefficient to pack these canopies with ProPack... riggerrob: This seems to be the manual you're referring to:
  3. Has anyone seen a good flat packing tutorial? Unfortunately, I haven't found anything really useful on YouTube. Thanks.
  4. Question to AltiTrack owners: how does it calculate deployment altitude? Is it the altitude when you start decelerating (canopy begins inflating)? Or the device is smart enough to take that that extra time into account when you actually throw out the pilot chute? Thanks.
  5. cl0wn


    I bought my AltiTrack from ParaGear at winter and did a couple of tens of jumps with it. In May, I was doing a hop'n'pop from 5500 ft. During the climb to altitude, the device was showing correct values, but then around 5000 feet the arrow suddenly dropped to zero. When I was under the canopy, the arrow was pointing at 11000 feet then about 18000 feet after the landing. I also noticed that the back screen was "blinking" in a weird way. The battery was full. I sent it back to the manufacturer and had an awful customer service experience. I called L&B several times to find out if they received the device, and I was told to e-mail them. The e-mails were literally ignored for many days and I couldn't get a reasonable response from them. It's August now and I still don't know the current status of my altimeter and whether I'll get it back any time soon. Beware.
  6. I have a Wings W-9 harness with articulation, which fits me pretty well. I'm learning to freefly, mainly back-flying so far. I'd like to try sit-flying, and I noticed that the container can slide up an inch or two if you push it up from the bottom. Is it ok or it can be an issue for sit-flying?