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  1. Skydiving is much less dangerous than most of your daily activities. I stress safety twenty-four hours a day. "Everything" is dangerous out of context. Skydiving is a very safe sport made dangerous by people who get ahead of their training and abilities. I see people constantly putting themselves in very dangerous situations while skydiving and laughing about it later. If skydiving is dangerous to you, it is because you are making it so. Current training programs and equipment are in place to keep us safe. It is the individual who makes skydiving unsafe not the sport itself.
  2. I disagree. Skydiving is a very safe sport. It can be made dangerous by poor training, poor ability, poor decision making, equipment malfunction and so on.
  3. Thanks and thanks. Paolo at Parasport sent me a note saying they were closed and will reopen soon for the season. Got nervous after no communication for a few months. Luckily I broke my leg and cannot jump yet anyway!
  4. Has anyone dealt with Parasport customer service? I sent them a defective altimeter at their request. I have had no communication with them since they confirmed receipt of my altimeter. They have not answered any emails since that day. Has anyone had any previous experience with Parasports customer service good or bad? Thanks.
  5. Does IFLY offer discounted tunnel time for practicing tracking?
  6. Recently earned my A license at Skydive San Marcos in Fentress Texas. Though I live eight hours away, Skydive San Marcos is my home DZ. If weather allows, I will jump my new rig this weekend. Look forward to learning in the sky and in the forums. Michael