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  1. No it's not. I stood down from a load the other day whilst we were walking to the plane. When I told manifest they said "good call". Totally agree. Been there, done that. It has happened to me in a couple of occasions that I've decided to lose my ticket instead and stay, for different reasons but at that point I wasn't confident enough. Complacency kills my friends, and especially in this sport!
  2. As you say, rules and regs can change from one place to another, but as far as my understanding goes, common sense should be the same everywhere. You are going to be able to answer your own question: - who's the owner of the rig? - what caused the malfunction? the equipment or the jumper? - what's the general state of the rig? So, well, those above are the questions I've asked myself, and from my honest point of view you shouldn't be held responsible for anything in this case, given the facts you provide...
  3. That's definitely a good start, I didn't know about it, thank you! I've just checked their website and that's definitely a great deal! The only issue is that I am not a US citizen or resident, so in that case it would be a little bit tricky for me if I went for that, but thanks for the info, really!
  4. Hi all and first of all sorry if my english is not very good as it is not my mother tongue. It's not that I am considering right now becoming a pro, but let's think about this scenario and please share your thoughts with me: somebody like me with now around 220ish jumps and a USPA C license who wished to go full time on skydiving (and I mean full time), for, say, a year. A whole year training 6 days a week in order to achieve, what?, 1000 jumps-ish? During this year also trying to achieve as many ratings as possible of course and try to make the best of it. The cost of all it could rise easily up to 50k €, even probably more if we include some tunnel time. But, would that be a gateway to start a career? Would it be a good starting point if I did that? As I said, it's not something I am reallistically doing probably in the future, but it has crossed my mind several times since I am not particularly enthusiastic about my job, I have some savings and I definitely love the sport. I know it sounds crazy, but all the stories I've heard about instructors and other pro skydivers have always started by something like this. Can you share your thoughts with me? even if you are pro's it would be great if you shared with me how did you started in this. Also keep in mind that I have one disadvantage: I am currently 35 and I started in the sport 2 years ago, so basically I'll have a definitely shorter career compare to many others! Thanks in advance guys regards
  5. Dubai winter festival, last year was quite cool and I bet this year is going to be even better
  6. Hi guys, I have been a lurker around here most of the time, but now it comes the time to ask you a question: I am planning on going on a 1-week vacation with my SO, and we were thinking about spending a week jumping somewhere in Europe (northern-eastern). Bear in mind that we live in Dubai, so we could actually go somewhere in Asia too if it's worth it, so I am open to hear your advice. But it has to be a DZ newbie-friendly (we have 150 ish jumps only at the moment) and they should have rental gear (we don't have our own rigs yet). And if it's possible, not very cold! we could barely stand it, hahaha Any advice?