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  1. So would a 93 racer with a 93 reserve be asking for trouble? low jump numbers and no reserve rides per the packing card.
  2. alot. i mean it is a 93 ;) id have to check but it seemed he got it packed at least once a year. so not a lot of jumps total on the rig
  3. if you dont mind my asking, what year hornet did you have? ive heard the pre-2002 hornets were hard opening and the post 2002 were softer. jumped a 190 2004 the other day and other then the long snivel pack it opened nicely
  4. part of a whole package. racer, raven and a falcon 1. waiting on the price. have no need for the falcon 1 tho.
  5. so is it a bad parachute because it is cheap? ill be loading it close to 1-1
  6. Looking at a raven 1 from 93, no rides. still good for a reserve or is the age an issue at this point?
  7. that wouldnt happen to be a 190 up in michigan would it?
  8. Thanks guys! these are great answers! its nice to see some of the myths and misinformation dispelled
  9. All great advice! TBH the big things i hear are: 1. Stay away from racers 2. stay away from dolphins 3. stay away from wings 4 older javelins come apart all the time 5. F111 is bad 6. 7 cells are bad. Its hard to sort through the bias and self preference vs actual figures of performance and safety especially as a new guy. thanks again guys!
  10. I know this will touch off a host of complaints on all sides of the aisle but is there a resource that dictates what gear to avoid or what time periods are good for new jumpers that are looking at used gear. IE javelin containers from 90-96 or PD mains from 2000-2001. (these are not literal examples, just reference) i get every rig has its fair share of problems but it seems like some of them from certain time frames are best left to more experienced jumpers, or others (like older dolphins/eclipses) are not as good of deals as they seem due to issues/not being able to get parts etc.