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  1. I've used an A7 and A7s with the OSS kit lens and with a Canon 24mm IS lens and both worked really well for video. However, I too wonder how the moving sensor will take opening shocks.
  2. Hello, Recently, I made a video for a film competition in Australia called: "P.E.S.D. - A Veteran's Flight" and also a "Behind the Scenes" film about the same. I wanted to include some jump footage as well, but in a way productive to the story. I hope I was able to pull it off. BTW: PESD is not a misspelling. It is a fictitious term relating to a form of species dysphoria with pelicans where person thinks he's a bird as a result of a traumatic event. There is some humor intended here. It is a story many of us may be able to relate to for why we began or continue to jump. When returning form flying in combat in Iraq many of us have difficulty communicating and most of the therapies and medications aren't enough and some make things worse. Jumping, or any active endeavor for that matter, can give some separation from trauma to heal a little. So, here I've tried to use wing-suit jumping to help tell the story that there are other choices to recover. I hope it works. This is my first time making a narrative film and directing actors rather than documentaries, filming live performances, or the skydiving/BASE videos that I'm used to. I'd hoped to hint at true struggles and tell as complete a story as possible in 3 minutes. Anyways, the films are only three minutes long and you can check them out at the competition's website and let me know what you think: www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/1074 If you like the film, please vote for it and pass it on to others. If you don't like it or if you have suggestions for me to consider for future work, please send me a private message and share your thoughts. Be well, N. Bläsing