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  1. That's what I was thinking about too. Risingup.com notes aren't that reliable afterall. Weighing is done around 5 years ago and it is done with current skydiving equipment installed - as far as I know. Our plane is an ex-amphibian, so there are some modifications in the fuselage for sure. Flap gap seals: yes Larger tyres: yes Don't know wheather the 3-blade prop is an update too. It also has tons of old radios and instruments... But the difference of almost 300LBS sounded like some Lead plates installed by a rival skydiving-club ;-)
  2. Hello, We are operating 1968 U206C and I was looking for data from risingup.com. They stated that empty weight of U206 A-E should be around 1725 lbs or 782 kgs. Our 206 weights 913kg or 2012 lbs empty and I was wondering if other 206's weight the same or should we seriously start to search for lead-ballasts installed on the fuselage :D After all the difference between the numers is 131kg or 287 lbs which equals to two skinny jumpers or one full-grown-up-skydiver! So, how much does your 206 weight empty? BR Harri
  3. FAA and EASA has some sort of bilateral agreement of certifications. So will this STC be available for EU-registered aircrafts also? AvGas costs about 3$ per liter (over 10$/usgal) and JET-A around 1$ per liter so anything running on kerosene would be an awesome product. Currently operating U206C with io-520. Your plane looks very good. Nice to see that there are still people having faith in the general aviation.