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  1. This is going to be my first season shooting stills with an A6000 rather than a gopro. I've looked around on here and haven't seen much regarding the best option (if there is any) for a specific SD card to use. Wondering if any of you guys have found ones than work better than others. Thanks guys!
  2. It sure doesn't seem like it goes into the case loose. I thought of that before you said anything too though, I'm gonna try it next jump and see if it improves anything in 4k.
  3. As far as I know, the only thing I changed was out of 1080p and into 4k. I haven't played with the stabilization at all so I would assume it came with it ON, I'll try a jump next time with it OFF. Also I downloaded this onto my computer using sonys program and then edited the video shorter and saved it and then uploaded it to youtube instead of pulling it straight off the SD card like the other video, not sure if that would make a difference.
  4. Well I can can tell you they've lost me for sure. Alright I figured out 4K! Heads up for everyone that gets one, you have to plug the actual camera into the computer with a USB cable (I think just the first time) and upload the videos to sonys action camera movie maker program. The program is actually really nice, and it's free! This is 4K raw zero editing... don't mind me falling out of the formation.... and tripping over my own feet landing I Played a little bit with Sonys GPS track info last night too. Kind of cool to see how long you actually carry the forward speed from leaving the plane. I'll make a raw video with the track info on it when I get home tonight.
  5. Hey guys, I just got the X3000 and took it for a few test jumps last weekend. Just a few belly jumps to stay current over the winter here in Wisconsin. Figured you guys would want to see how it looks in the sky! I'm super happy with how smooth everything looks. The camera was mounted on top of my g3 with a sticky mount, and it was in the waterproof case it comes with. My buddy I was with shook me around a little bit to see how stable it would look. I'm going to get a GoPro mounted on my camera helmet alongside this x3000 so I can do a side by side comparison next time I jump. This is 1080p 60fps raw footage with zero editing. I also filmed a jump in 4k but I don't have the software to even open the file for it. If I figure it out I'll make sure to post it.