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  1. RobertMBlevins

    ******Look, Bruce. No one around here hates you.


    I don't hate Bruce. It's a big word.

    I thought u were speaking in general sense ... as in including everybody "around here" .... anyways I know YOU DON'T...


    Want to see why life-without is a better punishment than death? I used to be for the death penalty. Now I'm against it.

    Check the picture I made. Lesile Van Houten, Manson Girl. Then and Now...getting the denial at her last parole hearing in California. She should just stop attending the hearings.

    I am for capital punishment ... some people are just pure evil besides it's tax payers money, which I'd rather see go towards saving an innocent life ... having said that I am not suggesting Capital Punishment for being an ASS!! ;)

  2. BruceSmith

    ....I have attempted to speak with them.
    .....I interpret those actions as a reflection of the impact my writing has amongst the denizens of Cooper World.

    :D:D:D God...good joke!

    And If you think I am being is because I AM :ph34r::ph34r:

  3. RobertMBlevins

    I saw a post back there about Revenge Story. Yes, I already said I wrote that one. I tried using a pen name, Julia Broussard, because it is so violent I wasn't sure I wanted my name associated with it.

    Good read actually I am surprised the sale is slow.

    Anyways the first few pages itself gave away that it was written by a Ghost writer for a women... women don't write like that... I mean generally. But then I enjoyed the book, who wrote, don't really care...:P


    And yes, I suppose the Newsvine article about Christopher Boyce is somewhat similar to a scene from the book. (saw that post, too) I'm guessing you mean the scene where Ben Cummings and Karen Morris buy the Ford pickup and camper at the car lot, after Cummings figures out the cops know they are in a stolen motorhome.

    Damn. You can't get away with anything these days. ;) got that "write" ;) .... and no life's truly become an "open book" :D

  4. RobertMBlevins


    *In reality, I would not review Bruce's book. There would be much wailing and knashing of teeth if I did, along with the usual accusations that I was giving him a poor review because of Into The Blast. However, my cat Hobo has expressed an interest in doing a review. Unfortunately, I told him he couldn't, because as our Official Office Cat he is also associated with Adventure Books. B|

    ROFL :ph34r::ph34r::D this forum is fast becoming my favorite stress buster

  5. Reichenbach

    BS, remote view to Cooper's house and look for a cable bill with his name on it. Then find out how much he was paying, I think I'm getting ripped off. (I bet in 1971, you had to connect to the internet with a 4 baud modem ;))

    ROFL :D:D:D

  6. skyjack71

    I have talked about these things - but understand my mind goes in several directions at one time. I should have ignored all others & have kept telling the story without responding to others....

    I should have stayed the course many yrs ago not waivering or letting myself fall in the conversation - I would be going in a direction & get off track...

    Maam, I agree with this. If you have a stick to telling it the way you want. There's always gonna be people who'll believe and not does a make a difference to you?

  7. skyjack71

    Duane Weber on more than one occassion was for periods of time exposed to Rock Climing, Skiing (but he was better at Ice Skating), survival in cold moutain settings and paratrooper training. I knew its and bits of the story of those yrs, but it took recent findings to be able to see it clearly and present it in such a way the FBI nor the Goverment could continue to deny Duane Weber had the actual training and opportunity I have maintained for yrs.

    Sorry it took me 20 yrs to find this but that was how GOD designed it. I wasn't supposed to know - but, my renewed faith has given me a GIFT.

    Yes, those cook books played a very important part of all of this - the GOD part. Where they books left on the plane by family members or was that something Cooked UP buy the writer Cook...I never knew who instigated the enquiry or it it even happened.

    Hmm.. I get the connection now.

    I think there's more to his life than the Dan Cooper angle. I mean if the guy has cooked up so much...may be he did this confession as well. Or maybe he said it for you to start digging about his life after he was gone.... kinda his way that u deserve to know the truth.

    But again if you keep turning I am sure you will land up at bizarre in his life.

  8. skyjack71

    I have told this story before, but now I have more proof....the CIA or whatever forces that hide things - as the yrs go by they get little sloppy, but some secrets do not stay secret forever...such be the things that happened in the 40's.

    I get the story...also no denying Duane had a dubious past. Did you post that in relation to DBC or as a revelation to one more thing u discovered from Duane's past?

  9. skyjack71

    Do not know who said what - but below are quotes that will mean something very important in a few days.

    OK you guys just set the whole thing up & you guys & I have NEVER spoke & we do not know each other & have never met.

    Case #1199879 Municipal Court, Akron, Ohio May 5, 1943.

    ;)Does that not sound ODD to some of you - Duane's brother was an engineer with Boeing & with a great deal of education. He did not understand the information he found in the files his mother kept & frankly I didn't either...thought the FBI would have some answers, but they didn't even know all of this...nor did they ever acknowledge it.

    Gosh did I miss something or the Internet God playing tricks on your posts again?

    Is there some revelations like Blevin's a few days?

  10. RobertMBlevins

    NON-COOPER: I want to lighten things up by telling you a funny...and TRUE story...that happened to me back in 1981. I think the Statute of Limitations has expired on this one, so talking about it is okay. I also recently sent a nice message to the person in question about this, since he is now out of jail. B|

    I actually sold a car to a spy and bank robber. Christopher Boyce, you know...the Falcon. I just ordered his new book to see if he put in anything about this incident.

    Interesting read! I think I saw a glimpse of the incident in Revenge Story.

  11. 18E

    Here's what I get hung up on; if a man is well-trained in the art of war/intelligence/black-ops/etc, why does he jump into the November night sky over the Pacific Northwest with the rain, cold, wind and uneven terrain in a suit and dress shoes? (I lived in Western Oregon as a kid and am familiar with the weather). This is hardly being prepared for the elements at 10,000 feet on a cold November night. Also, it seems like very poor preparation for a botched landing that could be off-course and place him in an uncompromising position.

    I go on a day-long fishing trip and take fishing gear, waders, toolkit, change of clothes, cash, water, emergency first-aid, phone, and even a survival kit in the event something unlooked for happens. This guy was jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet into the black-of-night cold of the November Pacific NW into some possible rugged terrain with a requested chute, dressed in a suit/raincoat, no headgear, dress shoes and a bag of money wrapped around his waist.

    I'm just not detecting the intelligence in his prep.

    I think it's a matter of perspective.

    Why do crime at all in which case?

    I mean there are 1000s of legit ways of making more money than $200K.

    There are less risky illegit ways than jumping off a plane to make $200K .... I don't know either btw :P

    Anyways, no one knows what he was wearing underneath. Even if it was nothing, let's not forget some people are trained in worse conditions than what DBC attempted.

    Soldiers / spies / counter intelligence guys etc. put up with far worse and a lot more danger, that to in hostile territories. Often at the face of certain death and no more motivation than an "Order".

    Crime, on the other hand has motivation far more personal than that-PROFITS OR PERSONAL GAINS.

    I think while a lot of people question what you are, I think we are completely discounting the power of Human Will.

  12. 18E

    So then if in fact Cooper intentionally asked for two sets of chutes to ensure that the FBI would not tamper with them, giving them the notion that he would take a hostage, one would surmise this was a very smart tactic on his part.

    Well that and a few other things like no one still knows where did he come from and...well...where did he go.

    The bugger definitely had a hell of an IQ and some serious exposure (not just training and planning I guess).... they say a lifetime of happiness cannot teach you lessons that a few bad days can.

    I think this man had seen war/intelligence/operations kind of stuff.

  13. skyjack71

    Bruce you spent 15 minutes with Himmelsbach & he ASKED you to leave.
    Doyou think for ONE moment I believe he said what you stated above.

    I also wanna invite him just to have pleasure of asking him to LEAVE ;)

    Isn't there ANYBODY who has not done that :ph34r:

  14. 18E

    Any theories on why he asked for 4 chutes with a combination of 2 different styles?

    Was there a 2nd jumper who didn't jump?

    I think the popular theory is that; it is to lead FBI into thinking that he'd make a hostage jump with him so they don't sabotage the gear.

    Accomplice on board is out of question, there were barely 36 pax and clearly they all would've gone thru rigorous background check, especially after the hijacking.

  15. RobertMBlevins

    The Seattle FBI, contrary to your opinion, DOES consider Kenny Christiansen a suspect in the Cooper case. But not at the beginning. Not then. In late 2007/early 2008 they issued a brief statement as a response to questions about the Geoff Gray article in New York Magazine. They said Kenny didn't match the description.

    Damn already clouded judgment has become even murkier after the book. He wrote somewhere that a boy found $2000 stuck in a tree hole ... and this pic says in the kitchen counter... didn't anyone tally the serial numbers?

    Shouldn't $4000 dollars hidden away raise suspicion anyways DBC or no DBC?

    (I am noticing lately all my posts end in a question mark :$)

  16. skyjack71

    Too much pain to try to restructure the post I just did that went POOF! Seems like GOD just doesn't want the story told

    It's not's the INTERNET GOD...these are 2 different entities I guess. GOD has not gone "online"...yet!:D

    Anyways, I read your post but couldn't still comprehend if u did actually find the hand written cookbook with Tina's childhood pic in it?

    PS: Maam you have said it before as well, for me to go thru previous posts, please understand we are on page 2318 and there are over 50K posts. Its not possible to find a previous post or send a link to the post.
    You are however, free to not respond to a query or ignore.

  17. ParrotheadVol

    Actually, you shouldn't refer to KC as a suspect. The FBI has known about him for years. Not a suspect. There was however, talk that two FBI agents visited Lyle to obtain a DNA sample. That however, turned out to be a lie. Not the only lie in the KC story.

    One of the friends and I kinda fell out of contact with each other for years, nothing bad, just owing to busy schedules. We, however lived in the same apartment complex (5 floors apart, he on 19th and I on 24th). For whatever reasons we did not even run into each other in elevators, lobby, pool/garden/gym, common area etc. either and then one fine day I bumped into him at .... Frankfurt Airport...half way across the world. What are the odds?

    Truth is stranger than fiction ... and that is the only reason, a novice like me would entertain (and not rule out) any suspects.

    I have my doubts on KC, many reasons to it however even in my own head they are shrouded with questions so why not debate instead? Geestman lied...why would anyone? KC lived a rather secretive life...why would he? and so on

    I have the same reasons for Webber as well... it cannot be denied that he lived multiple lives and what he did in one of them is still to be again why not?

  18. 377

    ******Brown contacts are a possibility

    What all have we resorted to :D:D:DLMAO!


    See attached screen shot.

    :S Woops! Sorry!

    I feel like I am living in LA LA LAND...literally anything's possible.

    I couldn't locate this article on that blog...but I am guessing this guy also makes a viable suspect, Isn't it? ....even the timing is correct and of course he could definitely use a bit of extra change!

  19. RobertMBlevins

    ThousandThings: You will probably have to repost your question later. Where Jo lives on the East Coast it is nearly 3AM. Here in Seattle it is close to midnight.

    I'll do that....later in the evening may be.


    I think the only way they will ever solve the Cooper case in the end is through DNA. But...the FBI has said that the partial DNA sample(s) they have from the tie can eliminate someone, but not confirm them as the hijacker.

    Partial DNA that FBI has is also not confirmed that it belongs to DBC .... at least that's what I gathered from Skyjack.

    And what I know is that there are no fingerprints. Or that FBI picked quiet a few of them and it cannot be confirmed which ones are of DBC... isn't that correct?

    Besides, the book is a bit ambiguous on whether Webber was eliminated as suspect basis DNA or not... it has been discussed here a while back (but then so is everything else as well :P) ... can u update me on it?


    Then it's probably like Decoded's Buddy Levy said:

    ***"Christiansen is either Cooper, or it's the biggest set of coincidences in history..." (paraphrased)

    Emphasis on 'coincidences'. :)
    You know, I like his quote. He sent it to me in an email. Levy is no slouch. He's a full professor at Washington State University and a multi-published author. We still communicate today.

    Hmm... I did a bit of Google on Buddy Levy and certainly he aint no idiot. And what an interesting comment.

    Off all the people...KC has been the most promising suspect so far... again I have my questions, however the investigation and the set of coincident would be fun to read about.

  20. RobertMBlevins

    Well...I just said that. Gray's book starts out with Christiansen and he is heavily covered in the book. But it is incomplete. And it is true that Skipp Porteous deliberately kept all information we were collecting out of Gray's hands.

    read this comment now....agree with it completely

  21. skyjack71

    I have NOT contrived the story I have told & anyone who meets me or knows me knows I can tease (only in the written word), but actually cannot tell a lie....face to face. I read like an open book! Gray was at least courteous regarding my character...he made me sound like a prude - but, I know why he did that. I did not agree with some of the things he said about me - but, I read the book one time & that was it. I marked things as I read it in the event I had to discuss these things in the future.

    He was quiet disrespectful of most members out here and he did use the stories from their lives which were absolutely irrelevant to the topic.


    I LIKED the way he ended his book - he had NO choice, but to crawl into the hole with me. It was not his intended ending....As for the man who supposedly contacted Grey on the end - I think that was PURE fiction

    I am glad and surprised at the same time that you are saying this. But then it is kinda THAT obvious.

    Anyways, it is not often one gets the opportunity to ask so allow me... Did you really find a cookbook with Tina Mucklow's childhood picture in it?

  22. smokin99

    ***Since nobody asked my opinion… I feel compelled to give it.

    lol.... then you'll fit right in with the rest of us. :)
    Getting a bit crammed in here...but guess I can live with it ;)