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  1. WROOOOOOOONG!!!! I don't hate Bruce. It's a big word. I thought u were speaking in general sense ... as in including everybody "around here" .... anyways I know YOU DON'T... I am for capital punishment ... some people are just pure evil besides it's tax payers money, which I'd rather see go towards saving an innocent life ... having said that I am not suggesting Capital Punishment for being an ASS!!
  2. God...good joke! And If you think I am being is because I AM
  3. Good read actually I am surprised the sale is slow. Anyways the first few pages itself gave away that it was written by a Ghost writer for a women... women don't write like that... I mean generally. But then I enjoyed the book, who wrote, don't really care... got that "write" .... and no life's truly become an "open book"
  4. ROFL this forum is fast becoming my favorite stress buster
  5. Maam, I agree with this. If you have a stick to telling it the way you want. There's always gonna be people who'll believe and not does a make a difference to you?
  6. Hmm.. I get the connection now. I think there's more to his life than the Dan Cooper angle. I mean if the guy has cooked up so much...may be he did this confession as well. Or maybe he said it for you to start digging about his life after he was gone.... kinda his way that u deserve to know the truth. But again if you keep turning I am sure you will land up at bizarre in his life.
  7. I get the story...also no denying Duane had a dubious past. Did you post that in relation to DBC or as a revelation to one more thing u discovered from Duane's past?
  8. Gosh did I miss something or the Internet God playing tricks on your posts again? Is there some revelations like Blevin's a few days?
  9. Interesting read! I think I saw a glimpse of the incident in Revenge Story.
  10. I think it's a matter of perspective. Why do crime at all in which case? I mean there are 1000s of legit ways of making more money than $200K. There are less risky illegit ways than jumping off a plane to make $200K .... I don't know either btw Anyways, no one knows what he was wearing underneath. Even if it was nothing, let's not forget some people are trained in worse conditions than what DBC attempted. Soldiers / spies / counter intelligence guys etc. put up with far worse and a lot more danger, that to in hostile territories. Often at the face of certain death and no more motivation than an "Order". Crime, on the other hand has motivation far more personal than that-PROFITS OR PERSONAL GAINS. I think while a lot of people question what you are, I think we are completely discounting the power of Human Will.
  11. Well that and a few other things like no one still knows where did he come from and...well...where did he go. The bugger definitely had a hell of an IQ and some serious exposure (not just training and planning I guess).... they say a lifetime of happiness cannot teach you lessons that a few bad days can. I think this man had seen war/intelligence/operations kind of stuff.
  12. I also wanna invite him just to have pleasure of asking him to LEAVE Isn't there ANYBODY who has not done that
  13. I think the popular theory is that; it is to lead FBI into thinking that he'd make a hostage jump with him so they don't sabotage the gear. Accomplice on board is out of question, there were barely 36 pax and clearly they all would've gone thru rigorous background check, especially after the hijacking.