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  1. It's going to be a while before I can do flight-1 again. Finished 201 earlier this year. 202 is next. Just looking for a head start.
  2. I'm looking for the proper sequence of events for a 90 front approach to start collecting my alti loss and recovery. For example, now, I start in deep brakes until 220ft (stiletto loaded at 1.3) release to surge and pull down, hold for 3 second count, transition to rears, and finish. What it the proper start to a 90?
  3. Anyone tried this to slow the opening a bit? Only difference is 3" on the chord. I don't want a pocket, don't want Dacron. Ideas. Packing ideas not wanted please. Went there, no difference. Lines in trim. (Fresh reline, same results) thanks
  4. Thank so much for the input. I was told that the stiletto is a swooping machine by my instructor. He got a little excited saying that. Learned a lot to keep myself safe learning hp landings. From high entry to lowest safe hard deck entry and how to properly transition from fronts to rears. Man 201 is an incredible course. I was told to stay the course on the stiletto as it's closer in performance to the katana by many jumps on the canopies. I'm going to rock my stiletto until the day she can't give me any more, then transition to the same size katana and start from square 1 all over again. Let the long road trip begin!
  5. In the very early stages of high performance canopy training how much does canopy choice really make. Currently at 200 jumps wl 1.3 on stiletto 150. Any competition canopy pilots have any insight. Am I wasting my time looking for a sabre 2?
  6. Who is still doing this? Looking for a write up to give my rigger or to send the canopy out.
  7. My rigger with over 40 years in the sport measured trim, re worked the brake line settings to try to help. Not sure on last reline, I believe 200 ago. Cross ports not frayed all the way. About 1/2" larger than those that are in a bit better shape. Slider measures to PD specs. He's asked me to do this whole feeler for out of the box ideas. Pocket slider perhaps? The canopy was doing this for my buddy who owned it before me. He had it relined when he bought. This is an ongoing issue.
  8. So I have a stiletto with a fast opening problem. It happens as the canopy hits line stretch. Lines are in trim, slider in spec, both myself and packers cannot slow it down. I've had 3 different packers 5 times each pack it to see if it was me. Got to the point of tucking 4 and 4 in the center nose cell with the stabs back. I'm the second person at the DZ to own this canopy with the same problem. Different PC size and type tried, different d bag and container. My rigger suggested I post to get a different opinion on the situation. I think worn out cross ports may be to blame. I can't get any bigger on deployment and my body is taking a beating, but the canopy material is still in really good shape.... Ideas?
  9. Don't mean to break your heart, but this is good ol' Wisconsin flying at its best.