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  1. Update of my previous post and apology to Jumptown Orange MA. Went to Skydive University Deland Florida in June. Had great learning time there. After tunnel time and two AFF jumps both filmed. We saw a mental lapse of 1 second when it came time for me to pull at 5500 feet. i could clearly see it. After discussing this with SDU it was decided this lapse could be caused by medication prescribed for me by the department of Veteran Affairs for the last 20 years. I am now well into weaning off these meds. Possible and hopefully I'll try again next year when these meds are long out of my system. Been on them so long but had some concern but not as much as I did watching videos of my jumps. Hoping to do more tunnel time this winter but not 100% sure yet. Time off these meds will give me a better idea of any deficits I have. Possibly too late in life for this dream. Do not want to be a danger to anyone else, others safety my main concern and listening to others advice as I continue or not..
  2. I am in Boston MA area. I did a tandem jump and three AFF jumps at Jumptown in Orange MA. Was told by instructor he was concerned about how I might react in emergency situation. He terminated any further instruction. Also noting my age of 63 and according to him the rough life I had led. His words not mine. I am a Vietnam veteran. Very capable of reacting when needed to save mine and others lives. I am an avid weight lifter, do mindfulness and yoga. I am not a perfect person. But by no means am I hopeless. When I put my mind to a task it usually gets completed. I have been in contact with Rob Laidlaw of Skydive U in Deland FLA. Cost and travel and all that goes with it may be prohibitive. I was encouraged by Mr Robs approach to teaching new skydivers. Any advice or mentoring you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  3. How about some info for older 60+years old beginning to learn skydiving, such as older jumper friendly dropzones. I have found instructors lack patience with older jumpers and are quick to be rid of them for normal beginner mistakes. Some lack the gift of instilling confidence in their older jumpers.