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  1. Hi Andy and thanks for the advice, even reading and thinking about the console jumps makes me palms sweaty and my heart beat faster!!! Glad to hear from nearly everyone that it does get "easier" since when is jumping from a plane easy huh Enjoying learning and will be glad when i can jump solo and start FS1 and progress. I don't mind the landing at hib at the minute, im very unfocused on the small triangle as you said and more just making sure its correct and safe. Guess in time that might change... I did ground school with Jordan, jumped with him Dave H and Shell M, also done some tunnel time with Rob "Crazy"
  2. Well thats me and my story thus far done for this year, few tunnel sessions to keep me busy until the DZ re opens in Jan. Decided to opt out to heading to Spain and taking to the slopes instead, always able to ski, chances of jumping aren't for sure :) Bring on next year where i'll be up at Hib as much as possible getting everything done and qualified :D
  3. The same advice as my instructor gave me and it did help... kinda :D haha you go through some many emotions free getting rigged up, climbing to 15k, jumping, opening and then landing! Can see why it gets addictive quick! Doesn't look good to jump for a while in the UK so trying to head out to Hibaldstow sister DZ late december and try and get the levels and consols done ready for next year! Tunnel time again on the 8th to keep myself familiar with my drills, plus its a load of fun in the tunnel, cant wait for it to actually become a load of fun in the air!
  4. Its not ruining it, yet... ha Just become really frustrating having clear blue sky and big fluffy clouds high up and not being able to jump, but like you said, thats this sport for you! Hopefully will finish the AFF and the 10 consols by the end of 2014 i will be happy with that now :)
  5. Great story!!! Maybe ill put a blog together for mine, it seems like a lot of people like to share the adventure and people seem to enjoy reading them, no matter what jump # your on :D
  6. Hey Pixie... its the "ohhhhhh sh!t!!!!" moment of thinking of throwing myself out of the plane, even though i can't wait to do it again, i guess thats my way of having "the buzz"?! It really did fell like time had stopped on the "arch" bit of "out in out" but enver had that with my tandem jump! Back at Hib tomorrow and fingers crossed the wind is ok, its playing a nightmare with my progress :(
  7. Fingers crossed for good weather in the UK tomorrow then!!! :D
  8. just been given the link to these on one of my posts and they are brilliant!!! :D
  9. Glad to hear i'm not alone! Since i started the AFF I spoke to a well thought of instructor back in the UK and he said try to visualise every jump and it did help in a way because i just got on with it! Going up in the plane checking the alti im fine, there is nerves but im calm and go through my drills with my instructor, no mistakes etc The "in the door" bit for now is just a whole different ball game... for now...
  10. Ive been on this forum for a while now getting as many tips as i can and reading as many stories as possible :) Anyway... i did a tandem and loved it! I've just started my AFF course and spent a week at my DZ but due to wind i only managed to get the 1 jump in which sucked :( After being so worried about things like twists, other stupid things and everything else before your first jump, once i had done it, it felt amazing being under a "flat, level, fully flared canopy" :) My question is in this introduction "does it get any easier to throw yourself out of the plane" just before i exited it felt like time had completely stopped and i didn't do my drills correctly, even though i did. I hope this makes sense to people would love to hear how people over come the "fear" of this because the freefall is amazing and being under the canopy just looking around is such a pleasent place to be!