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  1. I have 2 male cats...Simba was 18 lbs. when I got Jake...Simba is now down to 15 lbs., but he's still fat. Simba is like Cartman....he will eat whenever and whatever he can and will always be fat. They wrestle and tumble through this house all day, everyday, but guess what?? The answer is still the same, SIMBA IS FAT. I call him my little piggy. I don't think this helped much....

  2. OMG Mandy... I remember that outing as well...I was laughing so hard at him and the way he was driving the bus, that was the day that I found out he hated it when I popped my gum really loud, so whenever we got on a load together, I would make it a point to sit beside him to pop my gum. I remember one particular load we got on in the Porter on the back bench and I was popping my gum and he took me into a headlock....I thought about pulling his reserve, but he let me go. :D I was going through my pics of Skyfest and he's in almost every pic I took, acting like he was just a random bystander. We went to Walmart together in the big town of Rosharon, Texas....one of the funniest trips to a Walmart EVER...he was looking for a clip to replace the one he broke on his camera suit...and then after that we ultimately ended up at a liquor store....whodathunkit? Lee and beer or I should say, Lee and Newcastle. He always said Hello to me on yahoo instant messenger. His heart is like no other. I mean it Brandy, anything you need, I am here...even if you just want to come down to St. Pete and get away. :)

  3. I loved Lee. I loved him for his fucking brutal honesty. I loved that he made people not take themselves so seriously. I loved that he called me poodle. I loved that he and Beezy both were watching out for me down at Skyfest in 2005. I loved the shit he gave me on here, he always seemed to be the one to comment on me not being on here or wondering where I was. Fuck, is all I can say...I'm so caught up in my fucking work that I've lost touch with many of my friends and it takes this to make me realize that it's not about how many hours I pull in a week, it's about the people that are in my life. Brandy, words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss, a very tragic loss at that, but if you need anything, I am here for you. My heart goes out to Lee's parents as well. BSBD Lee, I will miss you.

  4. I laughed hysterically at Superbad a few weeks ago in the movie theater. I also liked Van Wilder and some things that Adam Sandler does in his movies (not all). I also like some things with Chris Farley and I must admit that I go around quoting some things from Anchorman and Talladega Nights...as well as National Lampoon's stuff. (I can blame that on my brother though). :D

  5. All of these comments are very true...it takes two to make the relationship and honesty is the most important thing from the beginning...if the relationship starts out with a lie and/or someone not being totally upfront and honest about who they are, what they want, how they feel, then it's not going to work. Relationships shouldn't be hard because life is hard enough to go through without having to worry about making something mesh with someone. The relationship is what you are supposed to fall back on and feel good about when everything else in your life is going shitty. It's finding peace with someone. I hope you find it, sweetie.

  6. Well, if the Otter is going to be there all winter, why do I need to come up that weekend when I'm planning a party? Hmmm?? Plus, I have two Otters right next door, whenever I want to jump out of them...you can come to the party too, I'll even let you bring your better half too ;)

  7. I know, I thought about it and thought you really wouldn't be home. I miss you... what are your plans for October 15thish? I'm not sure when Oct. 15th is, but I'm going to throw a party. Wanna come?

  8. I am coming off of a week vacation back home. The sense of dread that I had when driving back to this place (I don't call it home because it's not where my heart is)...well, it was one of the worst feelings I've ever had. :|

  9. Quote

    Looks like I may be helping to organize at The Farm.

    I was at The Farm yesterday...where were YOU?? And then, I drove by Bolingbroke and thought, fuck, he won't be home, so I didn't stop or call...I know, I know, I suck...but hey, I DID think of you. :P

  10. Congratulations to the both of you. I have to agree with Donna, he is beautiful. Wow, thinking back to those days of Rome and the beginnings of you two. I am so happy for you both and hope to see you guys while I'm up there next week. :)

  11. Quote

    Ditto and Greg Maddux too... those two with Smoltzie was quite possibly the greatest pitching rotation in MLB history.

    Hell yeah, they were!! I was there when they won the World Series...my brothers, my mom and me...what an incredible memory.:)

  12. I had a 1990 Toyota Celica 5-speed that I truly loved. It was like driving a go cart around. I traded it for an automatic 1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe and that car just had bad juju...I bought it brand new, but was in a wreck two weeks later (not my fault)...ended up in 2 wrecks in that car (both not my fault)....anyway, I traded it for a Jeep Wrangler (5 speed) and now have a 2004 Honda Accord, EX Coupe, 5 speed that I bought brand new. I love my car. Somedays I wish I had an automatic because driving a stick in traffic sucks major ass sometimes, but if you go with a Honda, they are very reliable. My boyfriend would tell you something differently right now because of the problems he is having with his S2000 and the way Honda is treating him with the covertible soft top, so I would rethink the convertible idea...I had the Jeep with dual tops...and when I had the soft top on it, it was cut too many times and I couldn't keep anything worth value in it. So, to make a long post even longer, go with the Honda, you can't go wrong there, but reconsider something convertible...and if you like the manual, then go for it.