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  1. Here is a old photo. Please note that the pocket has now been turned around to look over the thumb, back at the jumper. It has also been place on the left hand rather than the right hand.
    We have also made some other mods for the memory car, the USB port and also some special ones that will house the new screen that can be attached to the camera.

    It is tackified leather palms.

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  2. Quote


    there had better be some t shirts when i get back!:|

    I got handy cam glove, wingsuit glove, base jump glove and head down sock.
    Yeah I got a little girls tshirt for you mate. Hopefully it's not too big for you.
    Catch you when you get back.

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  3. After many many different glove going into production, I finally have one that I like and have asked for a batch of twenty to be run off.
    I am looking for those who are interested in BETA testing them for me.
    They are the same as any old neuman type tackified leather glove with 4way mateiral on top.
    Then it has a Neoprene pouch on top that closes secure.
    If you were holding your left hand out in front of you it would have the lens looking to the side of the hand but on an angle where it is kind of looking back at you.

    I am asking for people to test it out so I can find the best angle.

    These gloves once we have a final result will sell for well under $50 USD each. Well under.

    If anyone would like a free glove and would like to then give me their feedback on it please send me an email to [email protected] and let me know where you jump tandem and the address to send it to you.

    I believe these gopros will make jumping handycam so much easier and cheaper. 4oz on your hand in a normal glove. No more than $350 USD for a tandem master to start doing their own handy cams to edit into their usual camera fliers video. Got to be something that should be looked at.

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  4. Solicitation removed by slotperfect

    Please use PMs for replies such as this. Advertising (including direct solicitations for business like this one) are not allowed in the forums.


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  5. At a wing loading of 1.57 the safire is awesome fun. however the above explanation is still relevant to a lighter wingloading with the comparable differences.

    Safire 2 is my fav canopy of all time and in my opinion the pilot is very similar. I think i go for the safire 2 over the pilot cause my mates build them

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  6. Cypres closed down on the 19th December. So just before the time your cypres would have been shipped back to you, they went on their holidays... which is fair enough...
    Cypresreopen on the 4th (today) and I am sure your cypres will be shipepd out this week.
    Send an email to regina @ and I am sure she will respond within hours. Though please understand they will have hundreds of emails from peopel that cant put two and two together realising manufacturers also take holidays.

    If you sent yours in around the 25th November then it is running on time. No it doe not usually take this long but when a manufacturer closes down for two weeks holidays, over this period you also have to allow for those 2 weeks.

    Making a entire thread on your wait time seems a bit impatient, kind of comes across like you are complaining. Did you have holidays this year or did you have to work right through. Christmas is a very big holiday in Europe and most places close down.

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  7. Quote

    I've demoed a Pilot and have a Safire2. IMHO the Pilot is a lot more responsive on toggle input and turns much snappier. I believe this is due to the way the brake lines are attached to the canopy. On the Pilot the entire rear side of the canopy is pulled down when you toggle turn. The PD line is built different so that the rear of the canopy is not as affect by toggle turns. However, I think the Safire2 has more glide and more flare power. It's more on the swoopier side than the Pilot. I would suggest demoing both. It really just comes down to which flying characteristics you like better.

    Boom. Exactly what I would say as well.

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  8. Thanks, I was looking to hear form someone oing what you are doing. So a Safire 139 is the smallest safire you would suggest then for the I5?

    So if the Pilot 140 would fit, then that is a Pilot zpx 188, a Pilot 168, then 150, then a 140. Even though Aeroyne only say 150-175, it still in reality can go down 4 sizes in the newbie stage f things.

    A newbie buying a I5 then would get 4 downsizes as I was originally suggesting?

    Yes, I know many other containers would work but with Aerodyne, it is Aeroyne canopies just sized perfectly for it by the sounds of it.

    I mean, I dont know any other canopy manufacturer that can fit 4 different stock sized canopies into a single container.... but thats what this thread is motivate people to find out ;)

    Newbie sizing only though please. It is simple to find a container that will take a 170 down but alot of noobs want to buy new gear jumping a 190 and i dont think it is a good idea as they want get value for money on the new gear, most of them wont anyway, but with combinations like this, it seems they will.

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  9. Yeah that is comparable to the V308. Whole different thread. The idea of this thread was to get people coming back at me with combinations with other containers for the newbie jumper. I.e. 190 as a starting canopy.

    What you have posted would go well in the V308 container thread as it is the more experienced side of the scale.

    G4 is an awesome system.

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  10. Not sure I can make it. Need to be in a Europe through March.
    Hopefully will be able to figure out a way to do both but does anyone know if the PIA is in Europe this year? Or i it in the States? I really dont want to mis the PIA.

    Shame about this expo really, I always had an idea to do a expo in the UK at one of the UKS boogies, where we get all the manufacturers to come over, as they already do and more are keen to, and have a section that is dedicated like a PIA where they can show all their new toys off, just like the PIA but with it being a bit different where there is planes taking people up to try out all these cool new toys before they go onto the market.

    It seems like this Expo is very similar to what I am talking about? Would love to be at this event. May just have to come as I have to buy a lot of stock to take to the UK anyway, so maybe it can be a business expense?

    Does anyone know if all the manufacturers are going, is there a list or is it just the Florida bunch and a few others? Does anyone know how big this is expected to be? it is the first time right? Who is organizing it?

    If anything, I just want to come and meet those of you I have not met during my trips to the states.

    Also, if someone can put me in touch with a person who organizes this sort of thing as we have a beautiful winery dropzone here in Australia and would love to get something like this happening here. I mean, A winery with a international concert stage, a massive cask hall and planes and a swoop lake. Perfect place to set up one of these types of events for the Asia and Australasia jumpers. Please get in touch if you are the type of person who can help in making something like this happen in Australia as we would like to make it happen. We have an Australian skydiving forum that would also et behind it.

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  11. To be honest, I am waiting for my homie Attila to get back from his holiday and get back to NZAerosports so that I can talk to him about what his personal opinion is, his and Jyros. I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe i should not come and post what he says to me but I would like to know their stance on it, personally and professionally.
    Bear in mind, hey dont make the Icarus reserve and did not design it, they hardly ever sell it either, but I think they can ask Icarus for me.

    Also, I am pretty certain that with this being it should not be long until a Icarus rep is here to say their formal opinion on it, which I am looking forward to.

    At the moment it seems a guy like myself who is only out of shape, not fat, just out of shape, can not jump any of their reserves below something like a 169 if i remember correctly from their chart.

    What this says to me, as much as I LOVE Icarus canopies with all my heart, it says that their reserve is more a 'just for the sake of having a reserve in their line' than having a reserve that is practical and stands up to modern container sizing.

    However, their canopiesdo have a low pack volume but im not sure how much, so maybe if it packs like a PDR143 then I could put it in a container that will take at smallest a safire 129 on a loose basis.

    Just does not seem practical and really makes me ask, why even bother making the smaller sizes as a Icarus 129 reserve can not be jumped by anyone who weighs more than 65kgs naked. A 119 can not be jumped by even a midget. So why make them?

    This is by no means a rant on Icarus, I love Icarus, I have always jumped Icarus. Icarus gave me courage under canopy and kept me in the sport back when i needed it most. I hope they see it as a mature question, topic, rather than, 'how do we shut this guy the fuck up? lol.

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  12. OK, so a while ago we did a thread called Micron V308, is it the perfect container for a experienced jumper. That container would take a optimum 143 reserve and a safire 129 main and go all the way down to a VX99, or up to a crossfire 129. Meaning you could keep this conainer for ever without needing a new one.

    I have always told newbies wanting to buy a brand new rig with a 190 in it, that they should wait until being on a 170 so they can get good life from it before needing to sell it, However, Is the Icon I5 the perfect first container if buying a container brand new as a first rig?

    Here is why...

    You buy an Icon I5. It takes 150-175 canopies.
    Then you buy a Pilot ZPX 188 and it will pack smaller, so it will fit in the I5. (100 Jumps on average)

    Then once you are finished with the 188, you buy a Pilot standard ZP 168 for the perfect fit. (200 jumps on average?)

    Then you buy the Pilot standard 150 ZP for a nice fit. (300 jumps average?)

    Then seein the Pilot 150 zp packs larger than the PD and Icarus mains, i think cause it is measured from the bottom skin, that should mean if you purchased a Sabre 2 135 or eiher a custom made size by icarus of a safire 2 139 or 135, maybe even 129, then going by logic that should fit. (500 jumps)

    So if a Pilot 150 packs like a safire 139 or 135 and a Sabre 135 then it should fit the icon I5.

    meaning you get four downsizes out of the custom made for you brand new harness and could get an average of around 1100 jumps on the container and the reserve before you needed to or wanted to think about selling it and buying a container to take canopies that are smaller than a 135. Hence, this being the moment to then buy the V308, menaing two rigs to see you through your entire skydiving days.

    People say by a second hand rig first, and i agre if you are starting on a 190 canopy. But with the Icon I5 and the ZPX it seems to me that it might be more financially viable to get that custom made Icon I5 when you buy your first rig (get new or second hand canopies, aad etc, whatever) and you have the perfect comfort and the perfect fit to your body and you have the ability to get 1100 jumps out of it downsizing at an average pace making this the perfect container to buy brand new custom made.

    Does this make sense? IS the logic correct? Is this the perfect container to buy if you are buying a brand new rig as your first rig? Has ZPX made that much of a difference? I mean 4 downsizes out of a single container in increments of 20sqft per downsize is a huge deal! I never looked at this container like this before but I am dealing with a customer who was asking the right quesions to get me really thinking about it.

    or am i wrong somewhere and all excited over nothing? The reason this works specifically with the Icon is because Aerodyne make their cnaopies fit their containers, so with the Aerodyne canopies packing a bit larger and their ZPX packing a bit smaller it works perfect for three downsizes, then throw in a Icarus or PD canopy to get the 4th downsize.

    Maybe if i went to school I might have gotten a real paying job. If only i was 15 again and enjoyed education. I would be a genius..........;)

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  13. I have 15 stock deepseed suits.
    Let m know if you want to borrow one and try it out and then go to deepseed and buy one or make an offer on my stock ones that are really for demos.

    Here is a picture of some of them, not sure if you can make the photos out on the rack, but on the dummy you can. He is wearing a Multispeed suit where the arms and legs zip up to make it tight. HAve about three of these in different sizing if you wanted to try one out before you buy.

    Disclaimer: I do not sell Deepseed suits directly, I only send customers directly to them, just like to let people have shit to try out.

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  14. Awesome, that is what I wanted when I started Karnage Krew up, but it slowly got a bit too focused on gear without being able to have time to get anything else set up.
    I think it is a brilliant idea, make sure it is world friendly

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  15. The water way there is a few kms long and it has four locations, all four locations are constantly going off. 1.5 million people sitting around vantage points watching it. We have this level of fireworks every year. It really is outstanding. I have seen some huge displays before for some massive events and moments in history but these are by far the biggest i have ever seen. Even Y2K, I am pretty sure if this is not better than any display druing Y2K then it is on the same par.

    Fucking amazing. The ten minute mark is just massive, especially seeing you know all those locations ahve been going off for the past ten minutes.

    They actually have a nine pm session for 7 minutes, then a midnight session for 12 minutes. So that was only really 70% of the fireworks they set off.

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