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  1. Australia has realized that there was no merit for the ban the French created and has just repealed this bogus ban in their country.
  2. Hey guys, sounds like it was a fantastic event, its unfortunate that we couldn't be there, schedules are such tricky things. Glad to hear about all the teams and see everyone had a great time. See you all on the next encounter.
  3. Hey everyone, here is the address for the party Friday night. It is only one turn off of the freeway, Mapquest it. (mapquest actually gets this one right) Make sure if you are getting directions though, you get off of I-43 at Moorland, and go south. Then take a left at the first stoplight. The driveway will be on your right, and there will be a parachute hanging from the trees in the front. See you all there. 14355 W Grange Ave New Berlin, WI 53151-8007 Here is SkyKnights address for reference: 1341 County Road L East Troy, WI 53120-9706
  4. you better watch that reckless chicken countin' before they're hatched.
  5. By the way, it's a good thing you two are so confident, since the rest of us just figured out this whole swooping thing. I just hope I remember how to pull on my ropes properly. Good luck kids
  6. Sorry for the long duration between updates, the filter at work keeps me out of these forums, and the wi-fi at home is on the fritz. So here is the latest update: Everyone that is planning on arriving on Friday, be warned, the party is going to be off drop zone. We are taking the sunset load into a private house about 15 min from the dz. We are having dinner delivered there, so if you want in, we have to know a little ahead of time so we order enough. Also if you plan on getting there close to sunset, contact me to get directions because come the end of the day the DZ will be rather desolate.
  7. Just a Reminder: For anyone that wants to participate in the ‘Swoop the City Classic’ Swoop competition I need your information by this Friday. Send me a PM if you are interested and we’ll get you in. I only have 15 slots, and right now this is who I have signed up: -Kyle Starck -Dave Brown -Eric Deren -Jon Pinyon -Tom Balzer -Sean Hennessy -Ian Drennan -Matty Wright -Joe Cook -Todd Davis -Tom Joels -Jon Orlos -Dan Raymond ALSO, anyone that needs help finding accommodations, (hotel, camping, etc) for the weekend, shoot me a PM or an email. I’ll be happy to help you set up anything you need. That’s good ol’ Cheese Head hospitality right there. -Karl
  8. I knew you would like that. I almost have the site all put together
  9. I would like to send out a personal invitation to all skydivers out there to come and join us at SkyKnights over the 4th of July weekend for some phat freefly jumps. The event is based around a 10-way sequential competition, and a demo swoop comp, but the event will include support for all levels of freeflyers… not to mention plenty of fun and entertainment. Here is the schedule of events: Friday- July 1: Lots of VRW, and Classic Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry Saturday- July 2: 10-way VRW Sequential Scrambles organized by Team Mandrin, Other freefly organizing will also available Saturday Evening: Pig Roast, Drunken' Dodgeball Returns, Bonanza Showdown(Cowboy and Indian attire encouraged), Eric Deren DJ'n the night away Sunday- July 3: The 3rd annual "Swoop the City Classic" Swoop Comp The Swoop the City Classic includes 3 rounds of Demo Jumps into Downtown Milwaukee's Lake Front at Veterans Park, right next to the Summerfest grounds. ( That's right kids, you'll be setting up your swoop among Skyscrapers. *(Competitors need to be registered at least 3 weeks in advance in order to file proper demo paperwork. For those not wanting to swoop, there will still be lots of jumping at the DZ as well)* Sunday Evening: Classic Independence Day Enjoyment (AKA Big Party) Monday- July 4: Big Way Sequentials Where else will you be able to throw down multi-point, multi-attitude 10-ways, dress up like a Cowboy or Indian, play dodgeball in an inebriated state, and swoop through a major city all in the same weekend? In addition there will be many, many pounds of Cheese Curds available through out the weekend, and you can’t miss that. -Karl
  10. I know it is a strainge time, but is anyone out there heading to the DZ from PHX area around 10:30pm Thurs? I could really use a ride? If so drop me a line. 386-871-4881 Thanks Kyle
  11. Ok kids, the time has arrived. I just wanted to throw out a quick post to everyone, especially those of you that are not sure whether you're going to show up or not. There is going to be at least 6 Freefly World Record holders in attendance (Mike Ortiz, Dave Brown, Kyle Starck, Jon Pinyon, Eric Deren and Brian Buckland- plus a few more in potential show up mode). Mike and Jon are the official organizers for the event, but we are all planning to fun jump with everyone all weekend. In addition I know of at least 15 more super hot freeflyers that are planning on being there. If that doesn't get everyone out there excited, it should. I am about as giddy as a bullfrog with blue balls on the last day of mating season. In addition, I wanted to give everybody a heads up. On top of the costume frenzy Saturday night, that I hope everyone is aware of, Skydive Atlanta will be hosting the second stop on the Tour de' Drunkin' Dodgeball. Here is how it works: -5 members per team, preferably co-ed (aka at least 2 hussies) -You have to blow at least a .10 to participate, not like that's a gonna be a problem(and yes, you will be tested) -Team names, slogans, theme songs and uniforms are encouraged (yes, I know of some teams that have them) The (Dave) Golden Brown's (you have to see them, it's hilarious) are refereeing. You wouldn't believe how much fun it is trying to aim a dodge ball with half a jag going. So start getting your teams together today. Sign up will be at the dz with me on Saturday. You have two days to get ready, I suggest practicing. Look forward to seeing everyone there. And for all of you out there that have some crappy excuse why you're not showing up, I don't care, because we are going to have a hell of a time without you. Actually, it may be better if you don't show up, succa's. Kyle