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  1. I'm sorry Robert, my evil mother is making me leave dropzone forever so goodbye friend
  2. Thanks a lot bruce you me in trouble
  3. Robert when's the revised version of blast coming out and are you done with db cooper
  4. You blockhead what is the matter with you messing with my life I got stuck in a car during a snowstorm for a lot of hours does that make you happy do you want to where I have gone through and I'm a kid named Andy got it
  5. I think you left dropzone because you don't like me anymore why didn't you tell me you were leaving because of this I'm gonna jump off the Tacoma narrows bridge
  6. Everything I'm leaving dropzone because robert left and since he left I'm leaving too I didn't mean to make you guys I'm officially done goodbye
  7. Today was the first day of school ugh
  8. In the bag looks like presents for his family or toys for children on the orient flights where he served as purser or looks like laundry
  9. Oh yeah well f@@@ you you heard me
  10. Jo listen to me I am a real person and I just wanted to hang out with him
  11. Robert i didn't come to dropzone to make other members mad I just wanted to spend time with you
  12. What do you mean about kenny selling logs
  13. Can't believe I'm never gonna see you again on dropzone after your done
  14. So what time is the presentation