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  1. The wife & I are spending our 25th wedding anniversary on the big island. We will have about 6 hours on Oahu between flights and thought about trying to get a jump in. However we won't be bringing gear with us. it seems they do not rent gear so we were wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks
  2. It must be a go if we are quoting all the fixtures for the bathrooms. It's about time!
  3. I work for a plumbing supplier near Philadelphia and we just did a quote for the plumbing fixtures for ifly KoP . Don't see anything about it anywhere. Any one know of anything?
  4. I thought it was about a travel trailer. I traded ours to the dropzone for 50 jumps & 2 Biplane jumps I think I made out on the deal!
  5. Jen, He is only your puppy when he does something bad and Chads when he is good. Thats how us men roll.
  6. Cute puppy Jen! We hope you guys have many years of fun together. Maybe we will see him at the dropzone sometime.
  7. I think it's funny the votes were at 69 until I placed the 70th vote! I loose again!
  8. Ok, not too hard to fix, remove the toilet. ( I take it outside) put a snake from the bowl through the bottom of the toilet. Tie a string to the snake and pull the string through the trap, now you have the string on both sides. Tie a rag to the string & pull the rag through the trap & you will clear the obstruction. Toothbrushes & combs are the most common item but a plastic bottles falls in every now & again. Done it many times.
  9. According to Crosskeys website ... Indeed! Prepare for the arrival of the jump plane that started the Boogie circuit - DC3 Mr Douglas! SKYDIVE CROSS KEYS / FREEFALL ADVENTURES, INC.
  10. I bet the jump ticket is a little more than the one to 13.5
  11. Sure looks like a canopy to me!
  12. I can't help you with who you were jumping with but I think I can help with the plane. It looks like the Crosskeys otter. Here is a pic of it when we were in Sebastian.
  13. Maybe I'll get close enough to measure more than one jump!
  14. I think we better all try to land somewhere other than the prison (maybe the dropzone), those correction officers have no sense of humor. I'm sure the inmates would like the show.
  15. This is bad news! Five minutes from home I'm going to need to get a second job! Let's hope noboby lands off into the prison. LOL Can't wait !