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  1. I've been using this one for a few months and have had good results. Saturated colors and clear images. I shoot in wide angle as well.
  2. I came across a Juki 940 LK Bar tacker Machine for sale ($450) Does anyone have any experience with this model/machine? Any advice on a preferred bar tack machine? Thanks in advance!
  3. What picture mode do you use? I'm using the sports mode and it doesn't give an option to change the ISO in that mode.
  4. I fly the same camera. Check out ParaGear. They have a huge selection of camera mounts. I use the Rawa flat mount, it also has a mount for the GoPro on the front of it. Very convenient. Also, there is a Quad Mount from Sky Systems that works well with this camera. Good luck!
  5. What type of adapter did you use for your tongue switch? I was using the sony multiterminal adapter and it failed to work in freefall a number of times but worked fine on the ground. Maybe positioning of the adapter??
  6. Thanks for the input! Lots of help! Tandem videos is exactly what I'd be using it for. If you wouldn't mind, would you be able to either post or message me the settings that you use? Thanks in advance!
  7. Alright folks, what are your thoughts on this camera? Wide angle lense for it as well as skydiving approved mounts for it? Your good, bad or indifferent experiences as well. Thanks in advance!
  8. Along the same lines, do you have any experience with the Sony mirrorless still cameras such as the a5000 or the a5100? Looking at switching over from my older heavier cannon rebel xs. Thoughts?
  9. What are your recommendations for a decent pair of sunglasses that I can jump with my open face helmet? I know some people use the Liquid Eyewear as well as Gatorz, but any others out there that would fit a female face and not break the bank? Thanks in advance!
  10. Did anyone ever get ahold of the lineset specs for this canopy? I have someone askig about the 190 version of the ZP exe and want to know the trim specs.
  11. May is wrong. It's the last week in March
  12. Other than by trial and error, what are some of the ways that you all sight in your camera set up's? Ring sights? Circle cut out stickers on your goggles? Laser pointers? Pictures would be a great help as well :) Thanks!
  13. All updated :) I go on here so infrequently that it just got away from me, thanks for the nudge :)
  14. I would love to :) I am a Coach as well. I would check with the staff at Eloy, though, because they may require you to go through a refresher First Jump Course prior to jumping; depending on your license. Blue skies :) -Shauna
  15. Does anyone know of any coach courses being given after the first of the year or soon after wards in the North East?