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  1. I went through my RAPS there at that time. Got stuck on 5 second delays and stopped in early 2003. Going for my AFF (PACS) next year in France where I live now but wanted to see if anyone is still kicking around from those times?
  2. Hello everybody! I've spend the last 10 years looking up at the sky. Did 10 minutes in a windtunnel a couple of years ago but it doesn't really have the same appeal! I never finished RAPS in the UK (got stuck on 5 second delays) and ran out of time and money (was off to uni the same year). 10 years later living in France with my other half (whose French). I was going to do AFF in the UK before I moved 2 years ago but I ended up making the decision to come out here and wait till I was settled financially and life wise. Going to book my AFF (called PACS here) at Skydive Pujaut for next year. Can't bloody wait :-) Let the countdown commence!