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  1. whatchu got against police
  2. Yeah, targeting should only be legal when demoncrats do it.
  3. What is this - normiss tazer thread #10?
  4. You admit you have a gun in your car? And yet you want more gun control? Why don't you set the example by giving up your own gun first?
  5. Keep all killers alive forever I say.
  6. What iz it wit u and tazers?
  7. Dem religious people as dum as gun ownirs. And we liberals r the epitome of tolerance and respect for others.
  8. Should be in Bonfire.
  9. Ban 'em all! I'm with Feinstein.
  10. You don't think people should have freedom of choice as to when to take days off?
  11. It's the guns. They've got to be confiscate.d
  12. Partition your hard drive and install an XP system on one half for comppatibility with your old camera.