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  1. BeteNoire

    Lighted Sliders

    Looks like an opportunity for something to snag lines and get stuck in the upright position when it trys to slide downward... "Chutes" not "cutes".
  2. BeteNoire

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    image attached
  3. BeteNoire

    Jumptown? In MA.

    What about it?
  4. BeteNoire

    Tandem Advice

    Otter jump planes have one of two types of seating. 1) benches down each side of the walls where you'll be sitting side to side with others, all facing the middle, touching each other on the sides, and the center aisle is full of everyone's legs. 2) Two rows of foam "benches" running down the inside, one on the left and one on the right, and everyone straddles the bench facing the rear, one leg in the center, one leg against the wall, and you'll be touching each other front to rear, where "rear" means the parachute rig of the guy in front of you. It is tight. Skydivers are used to it. New guys maybe not. You'll have to judge for yourself how bad it is for you. Time to altitude runs 15 to 25 minutes depending upon how powerful the engines are that the plane has installed on it, and how high they climb for jump run. Oh, and there might be 5 minutes on the ground from boarding to taxiing to the end of the runway for takeoff. Best month? Depends on the weather where you are. Summers are hot and sweaty in some places. Winters are too frigid in others. Spring and Fall are usually best, temperature wise.
  5. BeteNoire

    Rig in Chicago for May 16th

    Have you called the dropzone which you will be visiting and asked them if they have rental rigs?