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  1. And if I know Henry, he will know where all the good parties are at!
  2. To all of you who have posted so far.....it is great to see the love felt for such a great guy. He was one of the people who helped welcome me into skydiving back in the day at SDI. And years later, seeing him at Byron.....that twinkle in his eye and smile brought back so many memories. I agree that Tom went out doing something he loved. Now he is reunited with his precious bulldogs. Give the muffins some love for me Tommy D! You will definitely be missed, my friend.
  3. I thought my Guner was great as far as comfort and how quiet it was in freefall. I say was because I had one of those metal seatbelt type chin straps and during a recent jump, it came undone and flew off my head.....at 9000' ft., losing both Helmet and Pro Track. I know it was latched in the plane and I know I did not bump it. Bonehead claims they have not heard of this happening, but upon my "accident", I have heard otherwise. I haven't decided if I will buy another Bonehead yet. The Guner is definitely very comfortable, but I am not sure I want to buy another helmet with issues like that. They have changed the chin strap, making me think they knew of problems...... For any new buyers....just be cautious of that seatbelt-type clasp.