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  1. I want to start by saying that FreeFall Suits are top notch. I jump in eloy and Chris was out there at the Halloween Boogie. He measured every part of my body just to make sure that it was custom fitted to me. My suit came in February. It was a perfect fit. I found out the suit was way to fast for belly work. (140mph-145mph) That is with me trying to slow down. I am a very fast faller naturally. I have to wear a suit that is 8 inches longer that is supost to be to stay with groups Chris came into Skydive AZ That day and asked what I thought about the new suit. so I told him what it was doing. He took the suit that day and reenginered it . 2 Weeks later I had my suit back. It came back with the modifactions done to the suit. Holy cow is what i can say. The suit looks, fits and performs like it should. I can slow myself down to 105mph and I can speed myself up to 175 mph (belly to earth). Skydivers that had jumped with me the first time could not believe it was the same suit with modifactions on the second time. I run my own business and understand that every new company has bumps to smooth out and not everything is perfect. But Freefall Suit makes unbelievable skydiving suits. They will be around for a long time. Thank you Chris for an awesome suit. FreeFall Suits has my future business.