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  1. The DZ is small and extremely friendly. Everyone from the staff to the regular fun jumpers are inviting and have an awesome attitude. This is not one of those DZs where you show up, jump, and then no one remembers you again. They run Cesnas with 4 to a load which is cool cause it's easy to make a load. The landing zone is smaller compared to the big one where I did all my A-license jumps. However, the glass is always half full and this means you get to dial your landings in faster! The packing area is good sized for the size of the DZ and I think they are expanding it this summer a bit, but I could be wrong. Weather - Always a good idea to call ahead since this is New England and the weather usually never lines up with the forecast. Overall, I have no complaints and love jumping at Danielson. Blue skies :)
  2. Came to Toogs early Dec2012 to knock out my A-License with a buddy. The dropzone is super laid back, everyone hangs out together after the last load for some beers, and the parties tend to get a little loose. The staff is awesome!! All of the instructors are easy to approach and are more than willing to help you out whether it be freefall-coaching, packing instruction, or canopy piloting. One of the best advantages Toogs has for students is its MASSIVE landing area. Seriously, you can't miss and if you over shoot, then you saved yourself some walking time. If you are in the area, I strongly recommend stopping by!