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  1. This has turned out to be a persistent and targeted attack by a group in India, I spoke to the real Jeremy Ruggles (who nicely refunded my money via PayPal ) and they were attempting to use his account and then have him send cash to India. Be aware as this attack may continue using different names/accounts now that Jeremy is aware how he is being played. Verify a USPA # matches a name, matches the name on the PayPal account and only user PayPal goods/services not gift! Good luck and Blue Skies!
  2. WARNING! This person is trying a scam under a different username now! ...
  3. I unfortunately saw this post just after making a transaction with "Wanda". I used paypal to send a payment to user: [email protected] . This email comes back to "Jeremy Ruggles". Be aware of any payments to this person.