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  1. edisoncruz

    Top Skydiving Mobile Apps

    Hmm, I feel like this list left off the best app - Paralog (mobile).
  2. That's a great article. Thanks, DSE - and everyone for the advice/experience sharing. Hopefully my screenshots also show that when I'm talking about a digital logbook I don't just mean the data dump from the Neptune (or any other ditter for that matter). Paralog actually allows you to write in notes and record the details of the experience in the same way (it's just typed instead of being in my own writing - which I work in tech so I can go weeks without even touching a pen and paper). Really the important parts of all this seem to be: 1. That you can record all the details about the jump and experience because those memories and details are important on a number of different levels. 2. That you can get signatures from fellow jumpers and instructors/coaches (particularly if you're going to be working on getting advanced ratings and licenses).
  3. Okay, so it sounds like the consensus is that there will be times where a digital logbook won't be a replacement for a paper/physical logbook. I'll be going home tonight and spending some time updating it then making sure I get signatures going forward. Re: Losing the digital logbook - That's not a concern. Essentially unless I delete the files then I can't lose it since I keep everything synced between Paralog, my iPhone, Dropbox, and Jumplog.net so I've covered that. The important aspect seems to be that currently I don't *think* Paralog for iOS/Android supports getting signatures and I'll definitely need that for ratings, according to the USPA rules. The other part is that if I go to a new DZ I'm taking a chance as to whether or not they'll be okay with a digital logbook. Re: Looking back at old jumps and reliving the memories - I take all my notes in Paralog (check out the screenshots below for an example of all the data from my synced Neptune N3 plus example notes at the bottom). Clearly I'm a big fan of introducing more technology into some parts of the sport :)
  4. Hey Everybody, So recently I got a Neptune N3 and as a result ended up buying Paralog to keep digital records. For the first 20 or 30 jumps after that I kept up with continuing to write notes in my paper logbook on top of typing notes into Paralog. It's now been a while since I've written anything in my paper logbook but I'm starting to get a bit nervous about some questions that have come to mind: • Would this be a problem when going to a new DZ if my most reliable records are just on my iPhone (via Paralog iOS app)? Does your DZ care? I recently went to Skydive Deland and Skydive Sebastian while home for the holidays and they were totally cool with just looking on my phone but they're also huge and as a result have seen just about everything in the sport. • Would this be an issue for licenses/ratings/etc where I would theoretically need to collect signatures for different qualifications? If you're an instructor, is this something you care about? Thanks in advance for the help! Please share any thoughts or helpful experience with this sort of thing. Thanks for reading my 1st post on dropzone.com!
  5. NorCal Skydiving is located in the heart of Wine Country in Sonoma County. We are just a short, scenic drive North of San Francisco along HWY 101. We are a full service DZ that welcomes jumpers of all skill levels. We are a medium sized DZ, and nobody gets lost in the crowd here! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and professionalism.