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  1. I'm not an experienced skydiver. I haven't even done my AFF yet. I have been a first aider for 15 years. If there is anything at all you can do to give them a chance, even an infinitesimal one, you just get on and do it. You don't just do it for them. You do it for everyone around and, most of all, for yourself. I would rather beat myself up for trying and failing than just standing there like a div. I do believe that people who engage in extreme sports should undertake basic first aid training. You have to in scuba, if you want to progress. It should be an integral part of training. It's straightfoward, cheap, but it can make all the difference. Fingers crossed, you take the course and never have to use it. That's a hell of a lot better than needing to use it and never having taken the course.