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  1. Almost 2 years later (non jumping injury and surgery will put a damper on things) and I went back up in the sky Sunday. I made the switch to AFF and passed level 1 and 2 first time! Free-fall is way better without someone on your back and being under canopy at that higher altitude just gave me more time to enjoy the ride. I'll be back soon to finish up my A! I can see the end!
  2. Slowly but surely I am working towards my license. WA weather pretty much sucks so getting in the sky is hard due to my work schedule and the clouds. I find it ironic that the weather all week has been awesome but I bet the weekend is cloudy. I'm up to 7 total jumps with 5 Static lines. Did 3 jumps last weekend which was AWESOME!!!! 1 and 2 were tandems. 3 (SL#1) - didn't go great but I made it out of the plane which was the goal. 4 (SL#2) - Wasn't scared but as I went to let go of the strut I pulled my knees up to my chest. First failed level but it's OK, every jump is fun. 5 (SL#2R)- No issues
  3. There are 2 drop zones near me, Kawpowsin and Snohomish. One of my coworkers jumps as Snohomish regularly so I went with them. Snohomish only offers static line. It's further away but I have the moral support there so thats the route I took. :)
  4. So I tried static line progression a few months ago and took a plane ride up and then a plane ride right back down. Instead of giving up I did another tandem skydive a month ago and then signed up for the static line course again today. Today was my first jump from 3500 feet and I DID it!!! My arch wasn't great but I got over my fear and made it out the plane so that's one step closer to my license. THe last time my big fear was the hang off the strut, I thought it would be hard to hold on but I realized today that I was hanging and it wasn't hard at all. I'm hoping for nice weather in Washington so I can do more jumps next weekend.