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  1. My Spectre 170 will pull to the right if my brake lines are twisted over time. If the brake lines get twisted over time they will shorten causing the canopy to pull in one direction or the other even when brakes are stowed. Have him lay out the canopy and do a brake line check. If that doesn't help then have him do a line check. Canopy manufactures provide the proper line trim lengths per canopy. They all vary from different size also. Or have his rigger check the lines. Also an uneven load will cause the canopy to pull. Say if you lower your left leg by tilting your hip will cause the canopy to turn left. Also if he doesn't have his leg straps even it will cause the canopy to turn but most of those cases are more common in higher loaded or high performance canopies. It still is possible to happen in a 1:1 loaded canopy that is not high performance.
  2. I am looking for a US Military Airborne rig. That means I want the pack tray, harness, parachute (T10D or -1 model with toggles), static line and D-bag and a soft loop center pull MRPS reserve. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get this equipment? The reason I want an Airborne rig is because I used to be in the 82nd Airborne Division and I want to have one to jump again. I know jumping my Spectre 170 is more fun and jumping the round is a different animal but there is something I miss about it.
  3. I have been reading reviews on gear and many of the reviews are showing low numbers of people finding them to be helpful. Could this be a joke? I see many reviews that are very helpful and some are not. If they are serious then it would be nice to know what else could make a review more helpful at least. When people post really good reviews about gear and get very low "helpful ratings", then it discourages other people to post new gear reviews.
  4. Jergy13

    Phantom X

    The first helmet I received was a little too tight. My head measured for a size small but I really needed a medium. Sent back the first one and when I got the medium it fit great! I love how the helmet fastener cinches down and makes the helmet fit snugly under the chin and around behind the head. I have no problem with it moving around whatsoever when skydiving. I don't have any problem with air flowing up underneath and "inflating" the helmet. There is significant noise reduction during free fall. I have gone head down at over 200mph and still the noise reduction is very good! The audible altimeter pocket makes my N3 feel like it isn't even in my helmet but traps the sound enough so I can hear it loud and clear for my free fall and canopy alarms with the volume on low. The downside to the audible pocket is that it does make it somewhat difficult to wear glasses with an audible inside. The audible pocket is quite small. The N3 silicone sleeve will not fit on the N3 altimeter and in the audible pocket (recommended by Alti-2 in instruction manual for N3). The buttons on the side of the lens are easy to find when unlocking it. The lens can be opened easily even with gloves on. The lens is a little heavy when I walk with it tilted up it gradually moves downward with every step. Wish it was a little more tight with the movement. I typically will flip the lens up a little bit when under canopy and have no problem with the lens slipping down even when I perform full toggle turns. However, the lens will come down quickly if you have a hard landing which is quite nice because it keeps dirt, grass or anything else from getting in my eyes or inside my helmet. I recently purchased a smoke lens with mirror finish. The mirror finish lens on a flat black helmet looks great! I get many complements from it. The smoke lens is a little darker than a normal pair of sunglasses. One complaint I have gotten with the smoke lens is that fellow jumpers cannot see my eyes. Both the clear and smoke lenses are durable and do manage to hold anti-fog coating for a while. Square1 recommends FogtechDX Anti-Fog wipes which are kind of expensive but are not needed often. Square1 claims that eyeglass cleaner or alcohol based lens cleaners can damage the lenses and can cause the lenses to fog worse. I have no problems with fogging whatsoever. Overall I love this helmet! It is comfortable, snug fit, easy to unlock and change out the lens, and has a great field of view. The field of view is so good that I cannot see the borders of the lens. I would recommend this helmet to anyone.