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  1. Greetings all - I'm looking to get back in the air after a couple of years and need to get a jump or so under the eye of a rated instructor to get signed off, according to the USPA. One of the local SoCal DZ's wants me to attend a FJC and do 2 jumps, though, for about $350. The FJC is a good idea, but the price is a bit steep methinks. Are there any independents that might have a course coming up that I could sit in on for a more reasonable price? I'm a C-license with about 380 jumps and last jumped in July 2002......gear is good, health is good, am years older than I ever thought about being, but in good shape. Thanks for any replies or input....be safe out there. Jeff
  2. Greetings, all - I'm a C license with about 380 jumps who last jumped in 2002, and might be joining some friends in Eloy for the FOB New Years Boogie...... So can anyone give me an idea what is required to jump again? A rigger has inspected the gear and repacked the reserve......I know that I'll need to renew USPA membership...... What I'm needing to know is about currency and re-training....or re-familiarization jumps.... So, while I cruise the USPA site looking for specific guidance on what the newest regulations might require, can anyone give me the short version, specifically as what Eloy, Elsinore, Perris might require, or offer, so I could take that next airbath? Thanks in advance for any responses... Jeff
  3. Greetings all, Recently was contacted by an old friend who suggested we jump the Eloy New Years boogie; haven't jumped for about 2 years, buy havent sold the gear either.... So, prior to making the decision to go or not, and beginning the retraining and such, I want to have the rig repacked, the Cypres re-batteried, etc, and would prefer my old rigger to do the work...... So can someone direct me to Bill Stampfle? He used to work out of Perris, but would generally just pick up the gear at Elsinore for his regulars...... I cannot remember the name of the loft he worked out of, and I don't have a card or anything...... Thanking...... Jeff
  4. I finished my student training and got my "A" right after my 50th, and am approaching my 400th jump, and my 53rd. This is the most wondrous of sports, I wonder if I could ever give it up for good and am still thrilled with it every time I go. By all means, sir, go for it....once you get past that basic training, you really DO get to fly! While it is true that vision is likely poorer, reflexes -and healing - slower, and the learning curve steeper at our age, it also true that you are less likely to feel compelled to do those things - like quick downsizing of canopies - that demand quick reflexes and necessitate healing. Good luck and post your progess for us, okay? Jeff